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Age Discrimination in Employment 
Information from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).
Age Discrimination in the Workplace 
This web site is designed to help students, businesses and organizations learn about preventing age discrimination, successfully managing an age diverse workforce and increasing productivity by effectively utilizing older workers.
Ageism: A View of an Evolving Future 
Ageism, a self-fulfilling prophesy, a process envisaged as a trail to poetic justice.
Cameron Lawrence Press 
Publishes and distributes "The Mid-Life Job Hunter's Guerilla Handbook", which gives practical advice for dealing with ageism/age discrimination during the job interview process
Campaign Against Age Discrimination in Employment (CAADE) 
Formed by Philip and Bernice Walker in 1988 to fight for the rights of older workers. Site includes statistics, legislative information and other resources.
Dutybound To Protect Us From The Truth 
Employers are advised about what to tell rejected older job applicants to avoid legal problems. Compliance with the law hinges on what employers say rather than what they actually do.
Employment of Seniors, Older Workers Issues 
Addresses overcoming cultural stereotypes and attitudes which act as barriers to employment of older adults who represent a vast underutilized pool of human capital.
Fanning the Flames of Invidia 
Older workers are increasingly vocal about their feelings of envy of younger generations because younger workers are afforded opportunities that are denied older workers. Site explores social effects and increasing intergenerational conflict.
Overqualified professionals network 
A place for older porofessionals to meet, support one another and chat.
Overqualified Professionals Video Chat Network 
Network of overqualified discriminated professionals, network with peers for help, support and jobs.
Petition For Parity For Older Workers 
An attempt to pressure Georgia legislators for incentives to employers for employing people over age 55 as provided for welfare recipients and convicted felons
Petition to President Bush 
Workers over age 55, deprived of jobs because of age, demand compensation for protracted deprivation and affirmative action to bolster job opportunities.
Retired or Excluded 
Since discouraged older workers are not counted as unemployed, unemployment rates are under-estimated.
Seniority Employment 
Employment advice, real life stories and assistance for over 50s in employment.
The Action Connection 
Disenfranchized older workers, who want to start or join political action groups to fight age discrimination, may post their user names, email adresses and city and state so that others in their area may contact them.
The Cooling System 
Learn why the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC)is to failing in processing age discrimination charges. Statistics, colorful graphs, easy-to-understand explanations.