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Alaska Pipeline Whistleblowers 
Official site of the Alyeska Group of Six, the anonymous Trans Alaska Pipeline System whistle-blowers.
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ( ANWR ) News 
BP Amoco oil company's Prudhoe Bay oil and gas field operators provide insight into BP crude oil drilling in ANWR and the technology in place to prevent oil spills and loss of life.
Ascension Health ISD Horror Stories 
Warning to prospective empoloyees of Ascenion Health Information Services Division.
Whistleblowers and those considering blowing the whistle will find guidance from actual whistle-blowers on this site. A father and son, both whistleblowers; one from industry and the other from government.
Bombardier Sucks 
Complaints about the Quebec manufacturer.
H.M.S Otis Whistleblower! 
A site for Otis group employees worldwide.To be used as a communication log to allow you to voice any comments you have without fear of reprisal. This site is not sponsored by any management or union body.
Insiders Talk About Working At Household 
Former employees of Household Retail Services give insight into how customer accounts were handled.
Justice Denied 
Accuses the US Department of Justice's Immigration and Naturalization Service of reverse racism, subsequently documented corruption in selling Green Cards and reprisal cover-up in the workplace. Documentation of a legal and moral battle by a former
National Whistleblower Center 
Advocates the right of employees to blow the whistle on major issues such as government waste, fraud and corruption, and violations of environmental and nuclear safety laws.
Public Concern at Work 
An independent authority which seeks to ensure that concerns about malpractice are properly raised and addressed in the workplace.
The Maine Whistleblower 
This site is about blowing the whistle at Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine. And how they got away with violating their federal contracts with the US Navy.
The Road Less Traveled 
Autobiographical account of narcotics investigator Doc DeLaughter. Excerpts and photo gallery.
Time Person of the Year 2002 
Cover story and profiles of three women whistleblowers: FBI Agent Coleen Rowley, WorldCom Vice President Cynthia Cooper, and Enron Vice President Sherron Watkins.
Useful links for Whistleblowers 
Website which whistleblowers, free speech advocates, conspiracy theory researchers and others would find interesting. Website provides links to three most interesting on-line books.
Whistleblowing and Nonviolence 
Whistleblowing and nonviolent action have a number of similarities and connections, yet seldom have they been discussed together. There are a number of lessons from nonviolence for whistleblowing and vice versa.
Whistleblowing As a Failure of Organizational Ethics 
The move toward managed care and increased competition in health care exacerbates the conditions leading to instances of whistleblowing. We believe that cases of whistleblowing are indicative of an ethical failure at the organizational level. 
Aims to promote a society in which it is possible to speak out about unethical business practices, corruption, and vital social issues without reprisal.