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    Christian Marriage Ministry (CMM) 
    A non-denominational religious organization founded to provide Christian education to married couples and families.
    Christian Marriage Tips 
    Tips and articles promoting committed Christian marriage.
    Family Dynamics Institute 
    Training couples to lead eight-week His Needs Her Needs classes at their church.
    I Think In Ink 
    Insights regarding Christian marriage and living. Daily journal, open forum for discussion and weekly polls.
    Love and marriage 
    Society's ideas have put many marriages into crisis. This is an answer to an opposition to the flow of society.
    Marriage Builders 
    Contains answers to questions about relationships, infidelity, marriage counseling, and love.
    Marriage Culture 
    We need to evaluate the values and patterns of our culture. Do they promote stable marriages? What can parents do for their children to help them have stronger marriages?
    Marriage Healing International 
    Ministry that operates a live counseling room via the internet.
    Marriage Matters 
    13-session seminar by Jerry and Lynn Jones focusing on incorporating God into real-life issues of marriage and family. Site includes schedule, articles, testimonials and resources.
    Marriage Ministries 
    Organization offers classes, seminars, tapes and books to help make marriages "more vibrant."
    Maryland Area HomeBuilders Group 
    A non-denominational small-group bible study series designed to provide a solid plan for building a stronger marriage.
    One Heart Marriage 
    Nonprofit organization with the purpose of educating couples in marriage.
    Partners United Thru Christ, Intl. 
    Ministry focusing on marriage discipleship, training couples to live according to God's principles of marriage through workshops, seminars and newsletters.
    Preparing for Relational Effectiveness in Marriage 
    An online marriage preparation course approaching marriage from the Christian perspective.
    Preventing Divorce 
    Book recommendations and links to ministries and information to help couples solve their marriage problems.
    Radically Married 
    Information on how you can build or rebuild a successful marriage and family.
    Right Start Premarital Program 
    Marriage preparation materials for classroom and self-study use. Mentoring program has had a failure rate of less than 3% for graduated over the last 17 years.
    True Love Ministries 
    Judeo-Christian site about marriage. Includes steps to getting married, commitment in relationships.