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    Applied Ethics Resources 
    List of ethics sites related to science and technology, biomedicine, and the environment. Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC.
    Being Human: Science, Ethics and Our Rights 
    Discussions on what being human is in our world of scientific and technological advancement.
    Ethics in Science 
    An essay on the scientific method (or lack thereof) and the consequences of misconduct in science by Henry Bauer.
    Ethics in Science 
    Contains links to on-line resources, a bibliography, and several original essays on ethics and misconduct in science.
    Hedonistic Imperative 
    Outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life.
    IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology 
    Addressing such issues as environmental, health and safety implications of technology, engineering ethics and professional responsibility.
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's ELSI Project 
    Resources for middle and high school students on ethical issues in the sciences.
    Science & Technology Ethics Resources 
    A resource site with information links to specific topics.
    Science and Institutions 
    Personal web pages of Luis Gonzalez-Mestres, including topics of science ethics and other social aspects of science.
    Science Ethics Bibliography 
    Bibliography of books, articles, and resources on ethics and misconduct in science.
    Science, Ethics and Moral Status 
    Examining the notion of moral status in general and in particular the moral status of nonhuman animals.
    Science, Technology and Society Links 
    Links to STS-related information sources from North Carolina State University.
    Science,Technology and Society 
    Starting points for students and teachers. Includes discussion topics and other curriculum links.
    Social Aspects of Science and Technology 
    A research project at the Meaning and Computation Lab, University of California, San Diego. Explores the hypothesis that information artifacts embody definite but implicit value systems.
    Student Pugwash USA 
    Promotes the socially responsible application of science and technology through educational programs for young people, primarily at the college and high school levels.
    The Online Ethics Center for Engineering & Science 
    A site that tries to provide engineers, scientists, and science and engineering students with resources useful for understanding and addressing ethically significant problems that arise in their work.
    UNESCO: Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology. 
    UNESCO: Division of Human Sciences, Philosophy and Ethics of Science and Technology.
    Visions of Perfection 
    Explores various ways that the human race has attempted to achieve perfection through philosophies and technologies of the past century.
    World Conference on Science 
    Final reports from the international conference, addressing many aspects of the place of science in society, including ethics, science and technology in economic development, and environmental and economic issues.