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    2001 - International Year of Volunteers 
    The primary source for information on the International Year of the Volunteer. Visitors are also encouraged to offers their own ideas and suggestions.
    An extensive guide to all aspects of volunteering from the 4Anything Network. 
    At tells the stories of the most innovative grassroots organizations, in the U.S. and around the world, that are changing their communities by building individual self-reliance.
    Advice for Volunteers 
    Deciding to volunteer, finding the right opportunity and having a positive experience are covered in this comprehensive site.
    Community Services Council - Newfoundland and Labrador 
    A social development, research, planning and service organization, dedicated to citizen engagement and the promotion of volunteerism. 
    This site allows charities and voluntary organisations to advertise for volunteers. It is free, secure and easy to use.
    Extend Your Hand 
    Devoted to helping volunteers to strive to make the world a better place through their volunteering.
    Ideas for families who want to volunteer together in their community. Step-by-step kid-friendly projects, activities for children, hints for parents about teaching compassion, expert interviews, profiles of caring families. 
    A community based web site designed to help people help others.
    Hearts and Minds Network 
    Portal to over 300 volunteering, self-help and inspiration resources, USA & worldwide. Addresses poverty, the environment, democracy, human rights, addictions and other important issues.
    The Swedish branch of Service Civil International (SCI).
    Idealist - Action without Borders 
    Idealist is "global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources", offering a directory of volunteer opportunities and other resources.
    Impact Online 
    Helping people get involved in their community - information about volunteering and database of opportunities.
    Institute for Volunteering Research 
    The Institute aims to develop knowledge and understanding of volunteering. The site contains summaries of recent research and information on the journal, Voluntary Action.
    International Volunteers for Peace 
    IVP is the Australian contact for Service Civil International (SCI), a world wide organisation promoting peace and justice through voluntary work.
    Kids Care Clubs 
    Kids working together to help others in their communities and world. Youth community service projects for kids, schools, churches, synagogues and community centers.
    Kiwanis Club of Oroville 
    Includes a needy children project, scholarships, hooked on fishing and a sheltered workshop.
    National Association of Volunteer Bureaux 
    With information on where to volunteer, how to find local Volunteer Bureau's and other volunteering information. UK.
    National Centre for Volunteering 
    Information and advice for those who manage volunteers and for people considering doing voluntary work.
    On Site Volunteer Services 
    A student managed community service agency.
    Peace Corps 
    Information site for anyone with an interest in the Peace Corps.
    Revolutionary Compassion 
    A quiet revolution - a revolution of compassion - is taking place on college campuses across the country. At Lafayette College, more than 700 of our 2,000 students are active in 25 programs of sustained voluntary service. In 1975, there were only two
    Every day, brings thousands of volunteers and community organizations together online.
    Single Volunteers - National Website 
    A way for single folks to meet other singles and volunteer their talents to worthy organizations.
    The United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS) 
    Aims at creating a worldwide program for information technology volunteers.
    Virtual Lady's Aide Society 
    An online community service coalition promoting computer literacy, camaraderie and good works.
    Virtual Volunteering Project 
    Encourages and assists in the development of online volunteering opportunities/experiences, and helps service leaders use the Internet in the management of all volunteers.
    Points at ways you can use time online to help voluntary organizations.
    Volunteer Centre Tameside 
    Offering 100s of voluntary opportunities in the Tameside area. England.
    Volunteer Ministers 
    Profiles group that has assisted in the aftermath of earthquakes, floods, fires and explosions, helping disaster relief efforts world wide.
    Volunteer Sales 
    Recognition catalog filled with thank you gifts for volunteers.
    Volunteer Today! 
    Monthly web-zine by nationally-known trainer and consultant, Nancy Macduff of Macduff-Bunt Associates. Regular sections include news, recruitment and retention, training, and links. MBA also provides an online catalogue of their books.
    Volunteering Builds a Healthy Spirit 
    Sympatico HealthyWay Magazine looks to celebrate National Volunteer Week (April 19 - 25 1998)
    Volunteerism - Suite101 
    Includes pertinent links and discussions as well as biweekly articles on volunteerism.
    Volunteers for Development Association 
    Helps NGO's looking for volunteers with programs in developing countries such as Ecuador.
    Volunteers Week 
    The UK's annual celebration of volunteering. An opportunity for organisations to recognise reward and recruit volunteers.