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    21st Century Woman 
    A site for women, created by women. Sharing articles, thoughts, poetry, passions.
    A Time for Women 
    Articles on issues related to health, home, and family.
    Action Girl! 
    New comic heroine, and anthology of women comic artists. 
    Articles and tips to help women cope with home and office, and enjoy a stressfree life.
    Adios, Barbie 
    A body image site for every body. Multicultural women discuss body acceptance, identity, media, self-esteem and activism.
    All That Women Want 
    Magazine and web guide for women. Features and reviewed sites in many different categories.
    Amp Minizine 
    Online journal of articles for and by women. "Subversive sauce from some of London's nastiest females."
    A quarterly Internet magazine for "The disAble Woman"
    Between Friends 
    Contains parenting tips, household hints, ideas for pampering yourself and home management.
    Bitchin Web Magazine 
    Women-oriented e-zine including reviews of movies and books, personal stories, and personal articles on politics, food, and beauty. 
    Positive body image and lifestyle issues and no fashion police.
    Brillo Magazine 
    Dedicated to the inclusion of marginalized voices in emerging communication technologies. 
    Information on topics like women's health, lifestyles, fashion, fitness, romance, travel, and family. Community discussions and forums too.
    Features on gender politics, culture and travel.
    Commitment Magazine 
    Articles on issues including parenting, marriage, and women's lifestyle.
    Culture & Denial: Women in Dialogue 
    Discussion about the issues that are important to women through artwork and essays.
    Destiny Lane 
    Covers women's issues, fun quizzes, advice from Destiny on friendship and relationships, dating articles, articles on travel from readers, horoscopes, poetry and pets.
    Did I Stutter? 
    A feminist e-zine using art and humor to explore the issues around being a smart-girl. Includes "smart girls we love" trading cards--collect them all!
    Double X Chromosome 
    Focused on girls' positive culture.
    Elan Magazine 
    Explores the interests and concerns of African-American Women today.
    Fashion Icon 
    Undercover reporter dishes up a healthy serving of au courant inside scoop with ample doses of how to do it all yourself.
    Online lifestyle magazine, issued monthly. With discussion forums in addition to feature articles and regular columns.
    Femme Verve 
    One of Scenic Verve's online media channels featuring global news and original features using video, audio, multimedia and links to related sites.
    Generation Woman 
    An online magazine for women looking for news on politics, health, travel, family, and entertainment.
    Genuine Magazine 
    For women who are changing the world and the way it looks at and thinks about them.
    Girl Posse Gab 
    Articles on movies, music, travel, and lifestyle. 
    Australia's teenage female magazine, with competitions, chat, discussion, free email, games.
    Girls World 
    For racing pigeon fanciers wives incorporating art, science, poetry and childrens pages.
    Groovy Net Diva Online 
    A modern woman's resource, information and entertainment online publication.
    Grrrl Zines 
    A community for grrrl-powered zines and zinesters. 
    Offering advice, shopping opportunities and ideas, information, inspiration and a true sense of community, along with horoscopes, features, interactive tools and games.
    Happy Woman Magazine 
    A spoof on women's magazines updated daily, with fitness and health tips, advice, games, fiction, video trivia and celebrity interviews.
    Heart Touchers 
    A daily e-mail list and website that aims to publish inspirational true stories and provides contact information so that readers may write the authors with their feedback. 
    Tackls difficult women's issues in a positive way.
    Ezine based on woman-woman relationship support. Book reviews, articles, humor and links.
    In Her Prime 
    A site devoted to women over forty containing links, a discussion forum and articles inside a subscription E-Magazine.
    India's Lady 
    India's first online magazine for women focussed on issues faced by Indian women worldwide.
    Indy Women Connect 
    An online magazine targeted to women in central Indiana focusing on chatting, shopping, romance, careers, money, health, dining, education, connecting and Indianapolis issues.
    L.A. Woman Magazine 
    A general interest magazine spotlighting today's sophisticated Metro Los Angeles women.
    La Feminite 
    For a glimpse at how women around the world are living, their daily challenges. Information on motherhood, violence, prostitution, finances and family.
    Features romantic stories, women's issues, cooking and stellar recipes.
    Paper zine for grrrls, with interviews, articles and reviews. Contributions wanted.
    Law Girl 
    An interactive legal resource for arts and entertainment.
    Lilith Magazine 
    Independent national nonprofit Jewish women's feminist quarterly publication named for the legendary predecessor of Eve. Online articles from current and recent issues.
    Contains comprehensive information about global fashion trends.
    Canadian feminist and girl culture e-zine, featuring online journals, political views, profiles of Canadian women, views and reviews, and forums.
    For women about power; how to get it and how to keep it.
    Mishel Enterprices 
    WomenOnWork ezine delivering information and ideas to working women.
    Moondance Ezine 
    A collection of inspiring poetry, literature and art reviews for creative women.
    MoXie Magazine 
    A women's magazine focusing on real women doing real things.
    Ms .45 
    Scabrous lefty rantings of a bourgeois dilettante. Includes book and music reviews, feminist issues and class issues. 
    Stock and investing tips for the career woman. 
    Ideas and inspiration to help you change your attitude and change your life.
    Neat Women Inc 
    A perspective on a variety of topics pertinent to an stage of life.
    Ninepatch Online 
    Circle letters, shared by women about spirituality and life, with pictures, poems, essays, and a forum.
    Two hip lifestyle mavens dish up advice on products, pesky relationships, decorating, the womanly arts, and massaging your world into simpler order. 
    Community for mature women who are too young to be old.
    Pasazz - Divas with Curves 
    News for plus-size women of all ages on topics including health and beauty, fashion, and cooking.
    Poet Gurl Magazine 
    About love, poetry and beauty.
    Power Switch 
    Offers personal life coaching to help women identify choices and make changes, and an e-zine to help women embrace their lives and throw-off the burden of being everything for everyone.
    Punk Princess 
    Issue-oriented quarterly feminist webzine, affiliated with a weblog devoted to pop culture and the mod squad.
    Purple Tights 
    Womens issues and movie, book and movie reviews.
    Real Simple 
    Contains content from the newsstand version plus special features and interactive tools.
    Real Woman Magazine 
    Real information, real discussion and real life for real women.
    Weekly updates from these rioters on pop culture and sexuality.
    Rising Women Magazine 
    Dedicated to educating women in all aspects from business to personal development.
    Ruby Slipper 
    Ezine for young women by young women. A lot of articles, message board, interaction, and free email.
    Sanity Savers 
    Tips on juggling work and family.
    Self Help for Her 
    Self-improvement resource for women, in ezine format. With articles, reviews and newsletter, covering a variety of topics.
    She Mail 
    Daily new items and thought of the day.
    She Said 
    Informs, educates and entertains women online in Australia. Finance, news, career advice, beauty, food and retail therapy.
    Silicon Salley 
    An online magazine for the 21st century woman. Check in to find all the latest news and stories on women in technology, design, content, business and all things Internet.
    Simpler Living 
    Helps women balance work, family and life.
    A motivating, inspirational online magazine for African-American women.
    Smile and Act Nice 
    Girl's web-zine covers food, fashion, and sex.
    Smarty pants online culture and lifestyle magazine.
    Snap Guide 
    A working womens place on the internet with free e-cards, a news letter, a discussion forum and links to sites of interest.
    Women's passions and politics.
    The women's forum; current events and articles.
    Something Different For Women Magazine 
    For grown-up women and their loves, fears and opinions. Articles, stories, and information about issues of interest to women.
    In-depth look at Canadian women who competed in the past and are competing now.
    Original articles that entertain and enlighten. Tips for online journalists.
    An online publication dedicated to the educational and spiritual advancement of women.
    Sweet Cherrie 
    Comic strip, tribute to female musicians, quizzes, articles, reviews, and a message board.
    Features make-up advice, fashion news and information, health and fitness, beauty information, cooking and astrology.
    The Door 
    Pop Culture and our daily lives, all from a woman's perspective.
    The Plain Jane 
    An unconventional zine for people who appreciate randomness. Filled with stories, off-beat articles, dating tips, reviews.
    The Vulva Underground 
    Feminist e-zine for activists and writers "to inspire and effect social change". Aimed particularly at those in Boston.
    The Women's 
    A new online portal for women and girls.
    Tina's Women's Newsletter 
    Contains recipes, jokes and stories about children, pregnancy information,and tips on every day life.
    Too Bossy 
    Too rich or too thin? Please! You can never be Too Bossy!
    Tri-State Woman Online Magazine 
    Featuring women from Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Includes articles, classifieds, and a community calendar.
    Poetry, essays and reviews, published every other Tuesday.
    UK Woman Magazine 
    Womens magazine with news reviews, problem page, jokes, showbiz, women in sports, stories.
    An interactive magazine. Personal advice from world-renowned experts and the fresh views of top women writers and humorists
    Whirling Cervix 
    Pared-down web version of the DIY paper zine Whirling Cervix. Ranting, raving, and feminist fun.
    Whispers Online Magazine for Women 
    Features a wide variety of articles written by experts.
    Women's health and social issues online. A new topic each month.
    WiseWoman Chronicles at 
    An eclectic column focused on women's issues, wellness, alternative healing, relationships, and self-esteem.
    Woman Today 
    Information on various things to enrich the body and spirit of today's busy woman.
    Woman's Issues 
    Personal site acting as an e-zine with a small selection of articles on different issues.
    Online magazine for women. Bringing you the best of online sites for women, information, support and resources to help women find a balance in their life.
    Women Journeys 
    Helps people empower themselves through sharing experiences of the tough issues.
    Women of Wonder Issues and Resources 
    Dedicated to addressing issues relevant to women of all ages. Differing views on family, health, finance, spirituality, seniors, business, career, image, hobbies, and recreation.
    Women Of: Online Magazine 
    The parent of a group of community-focused Internet magazines dedicated to enhancing the quality of women's personal and professional lives
    Women's Enews 
    Provides a news service specializing in issues of importance to women. Members of the media may republish at no fee, with attribution.
    Women's Place News 
    Weekly zine with resources for women, tips, recipes, family and health information. 
    Your 10 minute morning surf over coffee for the most practical web links: financial, career, kid, shopping, travel. Even a daily gallery visit and menu ideas. 
    Channels span a wide variety of women's topics and interests.
    Wylde Woman 
    This page is being created by women, for women. Featuring fiction, poetry, dream stuff, recipes, humor.
    Yocum Street Reader 
    For African-American woman. Provides relationship, health, and finance advice.
    A zine celebrating and exploring the feminine principle.
    Zine Lovers Etc 
    Club for girls that run and enjoy e-zines.