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A Vegan Primer by David Rolsky with Carl V. Phillips, PhD. 
Leaflet published by Compassionate Action for Animals (CA4A) provides basic information needed to make a significant change in lifestyle.
Anil's Collection of Resources on Cruelty-Free Living 
Roadmap with extensive pointers to vegetarianism, becoming and staying vegan, eating at home and while traveling, cruelty-free shopping, and finding support.
Animal Ingredients A to Z 
A thorough guide to animal ingredients. The booklet focuses mainly on food, but it also extends somewhat into shampoos and other products. 
Provides a comprehensive listing of animal rights/vegetarian/vegan events and information for people in Arizona. Seeks to unite individuals and groups with shared interests.
Beyond Vegetarianism: Transcending Outdated Dogmas 
Articles and news update about a variety of meat-free diets and lifestyles.
Choose a Compassionate Lifestyle -- for the Animals 
Point-by-point list of facts about why meat is uneconomical on a world scale and unhealthy, factory farming, the cruelty behind milk and eggs, and the truth about slaughter.
Cool Vegan 
An online gathering place for like-minded people to connect, share recipes and ideas, and shop.
Food Ingredients Made from Animals 
Alphabetical list of food ingredients derived from animals. 
General news, information and community resources.
Hedweb List of Vegan Companies 
A list of cosmetic, household, and footwear suppliers.
Leather Substitutes Resource Guide 
An in-depth guide for those attempting to reduce or eliminate their use of animal skins for clothing and other uses. Copying encouraged.
Not-for-profit organization promoting meatless diets and lifestyles with the goal of creating a cruelty-free society. Site includes testimonials and products.
On Being Vegan 
An introduction to veganism from Vegan Outreach's "Vegan Starter Pack."
Planet Vegan 
Many in-depth articles and other resources about the ethics, health and environment aspects of veganism.
Porphyry's People 
Content includes links to recent original research supporting the vegan lifestyle and plant-based diets.
Promoting the many compelling reasons to change to a vegan lifestyle.
Sparrow's Vegan Diet 
A holistic vegan diet aimed at letting people eat as much as they want, while losing weight.
The Chocolate Room 
Contains vegan chocolate listings (for the UK and the USA), details of where you can buy vegan chocolate online, and recipes.
The Sunfood Diet 
Promotes the raw-food vegan diet, with recipes, articles, resources, and information on the benefits of raw foods.
The Vegan Society 
The world's first vegan society. Provides fact sheets on topics including nutrition and health.
The Vegetarian Site 
Online portal for vegan living. Sections include animal rights, health and nutrition, news, editorials, free recipes, cruelty-free shopping, upcoming events.
The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland 
Contains recipes, resources, restaurant listings, and links to diet- and lifestyle-related information.
Tips for Promoting Veganism 
Suggested strategies for vegans who want to share their views and encourage others to adopt their lifestyle.
Vegan Action FAQQ 
Answers common questions about the vegan lifestyle, its impact on human health, and its impact on the environment. Also includes a guide for making the transition to a cruelty-free life.
Vegan Easter 
Vegan listings for products available in both the UK and the USA for Easter; also recipes, ideas and photos.
Vegan FAQ 
Answers everything you might want to know. Details on almost every type of product you can buy and whether they are vegan - also health issues.
Vegan House 
Tells about the group's efforts to live in a peaceful community while doing the least harm to all animals and minimizing its impact on the environment.
Vegan New Zealand 
A vegan perspective on travelling in New Zealand.
Vegan Outreach 
An organization working to end animal exploitation through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle.
Vegan Porn 
News and information for vegans. This is not an actual porn site.
Vegan Society Information Sheets 
Seeks to answer questions those considering a transition to veganism may be asking.
Vegan Travel in the Greek Islands 
Guide to Greek vegan food and drink and island specific advice / reviews.
Vegan Values 
A Philosophy of Vegan Values, and some articles and vegan issues with Professor Stanley Sapon, Ph.D.
Vegan Vector 
Why people go vegan, and links for vegan food, clothing, household and personal care items.
Vegan Village 
Vegan homepages, resources, recommendations and news in the UK.
Vegan Voice 
Australian magazine dealing with issues of veganism, and animal rights. Includes discussion forum.
Vegan-Straightedge Mailing List 
Mailing list offers a forum for those who abstain from animal products, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other substances. - Disparaging Meat Since 1997 
Regularly updated, this site has it all for both the aspiring and long-term vegan. Over 150 feature articles, interviews, product evaluations, and book reviews. Also features plenty of recipes plus a large bookstore.
Veganarchy Online 
An outline resource for veganism and anarchism. Against the exploitation of people, animals and the environment.
VegaNation: Radical Ecology and Ethics 
Contains recipes, and an essay on animal liberation and social revolution.
Veganism in a Nutshell - Vegetarian Resource Group 
A general overview of veganism from nutrition to common vegan foods. Includes links to books on veganism (sold by the VRG) and a list of alternatives to eggs and dairy.
Veganism in Germany 
All about being vegan in Germany (also available in German). 
Collection of categorized links.
VeganList - Australia 
Online network of vegan-friendly products, people, places, events, and information.
Veganomics - Online Vegan Community 
Contains news, guides, features, a discussion board, a messageboard, and reviews.
Veggies Catering Campaign 
Links to vegan and related firms worldwide, including shops.
Over 5000 vegetarian and vegan recipes, discussion boards, nutritionists, medical doctors, experts, authors, articles, newsletter - a community of nice people sharing an interest in health, diet and the planet.
Vivism offers itself as a more nature-friendly diet to Veganism. Theories and links to related sites are featured.
Why Vegan? 
A brochure explaining why people choose to follow a vegan lifestyle.
World Vegan Day 
An interactive web site for celebrating a healthy vegan lifestyle, avoiding animal suffering and the wasteful use of the planet's resources. Share news, pictures and discussions.