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    A Workplace Violence Headquarters 
    Seminar instruction in prevention and defusing techniques needed to protect your workplace. An overview of the program of instruction and resources are also available.
    Consultancy and training provider in the area of workplace violence.
    All Safety Training 
    All Safety Training prepares companies to understand and manage Workplace Violence. Offering services that can save money, lost productivity, time, lawsuits, and negative publicity.
    Benchmark: The Effects of Workplace Violence 
    Author: Fenn, Donna [Inc. Magazine, Issue: June, 1996, page 116] The results of a survey of 500 managers about the effects of threats and incidents of workplace violence.
    Braun Consulting Group 
    Contains 16 links to articles and other resources with information about workplace violence.
    Building a Workplace Violence Plan 
    By John Brenner and Betsy Summerfield, VCCA Journal.
    Bully Online 
    The UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line, insight into workplace bullying, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, conflict, and other violence.
    Crisis Prevention Institute Home Page 
    CPI offers training in the safe management of disruptive and assaultive behavior, as well as other topics.
    Crisis Solutions, Inc. 
    Consulting and preparing employee assistance programs. Consultants are therapists and business specialists in trauma, violence, sexual harassment in the workplace.
    Death In The Office: Workplace Homicides 
    This article focuses on workplace homicides committed by known assailants. It highlights common offender characteristics to help law enforcement apprehend suspects. Finally, it identifies the causes of such crimes, which may prevent them from occurr
    Discovery Systems 
    Resources for organizations and individuals to develop solutions to human resource challenges and create systems for effective, lasting change.
    Does Your Boss Make You Sick? 
    Discusses how job stress can cause mental and physical sickness and explores what workers can do about stress. Also includes section about Utah workers' compensation.
    Guidelines for Workplace Violence Prevention Programs 
    Guidelines for workplace violence prevention for healthcare workers in institutional and community settings.
    Homicide Alert 
    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) article using statistics on workplace homicides to identify high-risk workplaces and occupations. (NIOSH) Publication No. 93-109)
    Horizontal Violence 
    Horizontal violence (bullying) in the workplace. Articles specifically tailored to the Nursing industry.
    Media Guide:Workplace Violence 
    Articles, preprogrammed search tools, and resources on Workplace Violence and prevention.
    Prevent Workplace Violence During Terminations 
    25 Ways to Prevent Workplace Violence During Terminations - by William S. Frank.
    SafetyLine - Online 
    The site has a fully searchable database of resources, solutions, practices, news, Australian law, and information on workplace violence.
    Stripclubs According to Strippers: Exposing Workplace Sexual Violence 
    An investigation of women's experiences in stripclubs related to physical and sexual violence. The article examines the conditions, organization structure of the industry, and typical interactions with customers.
    Sumitomo Workplace Violence 
    Featuring articles, submissions, unsolved crimes and contact information.
    The Work Advisor 
    Workplace violence and harassment prevention company. Offering videocassettes, cd-rom courses, web based solutions, on-line learning, conflict management resolutions and consulting.
    Violence in the Workplace 
    National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health publication discussing Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies of workplace violence.
    Workplace Violence 
    Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration, Resources on the web. Information on Workplace Violence, guidelines and training materials are available.
    Workplace Violence 
    Downsizing, increased workload, questions about the future are adding to stress and worry and the potential for violence must be prepared for.
    Workplace Violence 
    A web site dedicated to the awareness and prevention of workplace violence.
    Workplace Violence Research Institute 
    Workplace Violence Research Institute is an educational and research consortium. Site contains articles on the subject of workplace violence and online ordering of resource material.
    Workplace the Office? 
    This site discusses the recent trends of violence in office settings and what steps can be reasonabley taken to prevent it.