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    Abolish Slavery - Soon 
    Campaign to help raise awareness about modern slavery and to highlight organizations working against it.
    Anti-Slavery International 
    Promotes the eradication of slavery and slavery-like practices, and freedom for everyone who is subjected to them. 
    News of slavery and anti-slavery campaigns, plus entry to other sections of site.
    Baltimore Anti-Slavery Society 
    Information and resources about slavery and forced labor systems in the modern world.
    Contemporary Forms of Slavery 
    Factsheet from the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights.
    Fredericksburg National Slave Museum 
    Slavery museum in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
    Free the Slaves - Abolish Modern Slavery 
    The Center of the Modern American Abolishionist Movement inspired by Kevin Bales' book, Disposable People, works to abolish slavery worldwide.
    Justice for All 
    An article exploring the parallels between slavery and racism, and animal abuse, by Michael Mansfield QC (famous for being the barrister for the Lawrence family, the Birmingham Six, and other high-profile cases).!Guides/justice.html
    Review of Kevin Bales' 'Disposable People' 
    Book review of Kevin Bales' study of modern slavery, with case studies from Thailand, Mauritania, Pakistan, Brazil, and India.
    Save A Slave 
    Information and education exchange on the plight of modern slavery, child slavery and prostitition around the world, particularly in Sudan, Mauritania, Sudan, China, India and Thailand.
    Slavery Today ( 
    Overview of the many forms of modern day slavery. Focuses primarily on the efforts of the American Anti-Slavery Group.
    The American Anti-Slavery Group 
    Monitors, documents, and publicizes the plight of slaves around the globe. Focuses on the worst and most-ignored cases of human bondage: black chattel slavery in North Africa. There may be more slaves today than ever before in history.
    Unfinished Business: Tackling the Legacies of Slavery and Colonialism 
    Papers from a conference at the Africa Centre, London, marking UN International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.