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'Living wage' Laws Gain Momentum Across US 
A new study shows higher incomes from 'living wage' outweigh the cost in job losses. From the Christian Science Monitor.
Business Leaders and Investors for a Living Wage 
Report and FAQ about living wage from Responsible Wealth, a project of United for a Fair Economy.
Colorado College Fair Labor and Living Wage Campaign 
Colorado College's campaign for fair treatment of staff and Sodexho workers on campus.
COUP 4 JIP - Community Of United People For Justice In Pay 
Promotes making minimum wage a living wage, and creating a maximum income and maximum wealth tied to the minimum wage.
Dane County Living Wage Campaign 
Campaign reports and articles about Dane County's cost of living and wages.
Employment Policies Institute - Living Wage Policies 
Living wage resource site including research and an updated list of city proposals.
England's First Living Wage Campaign 
An alliance of faith groups, unions, schools and community groups launches the first Living Wage Campaign in England.
Harvard Living Wage Campaign 
Campaign to eradicate poverty wages at Harvard University. Includes a comprehensive report on poverty wages at Harvard, with a detailed discussion of the spread low-wage labor on campus, analysis and critique of reforms developed by Harvard, and test
Harvest for Humanity 
An interdenominational employee-owner ministry, open to people of all faiths, races and ethnic backgrounds, working to provide improved economic opportunities.
Living Wage Issue Guide 
General information and publications about living wage by the Economic Policy Institute.
Living Wage Resource Center 
Includes information on existing ordinances and current campaigns.
Somerville Living Wage Committee 
Somerville MA residents for fair treatment at the workplace. Includes calendar of events and the group's living wage ordinance.
The Living Wage 
Describes an Oregon family's journey through nine budgets, beginning with welfare dependency and ending with living wage employment.
The Living Wage Campaign 
Information and news about various living wage campaigns across the United States.
Universal Living Wage Campaign 
Introduction, petition, donations, volunteer information, FAQ, rent statistics, legislation, and links.