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    AIDS In the Workplace 
    An information and referral service that links callers from business and labor with resources designed to help them manage issues related to HIV/AIDS.
    Armed Forces and HIV/AIDS 
    Presented by The Body, a collection of articles and Web links on HIV/AIDS in the military, and the discharge of HIV positive soldiers.
    BRTA/LRTA: Materials - Manager's Kit and Labor Leader's Kit 
    Enable managers and labor leaders to develop HIV/AIDS policies in their workplaces; train managers and labor leaders to conduct HIV/AIDS workshops; educate employees and workers about basic facts about HIV/AIDS and its effect on the workplace; educat
    Healthcare Workers and AIDS prevention 
    Needlestick injury and the risk of HIV transmission in health care setting. Includes statistical information in occupational settings and Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).
    Healthcare Workers and HIV/AIDS 
    Resources related to protecting health care workers (including dental professionals) from occupational exposure to post-exposure prevention, presented by The Body.
    Healthy Workplace Management 
    South African-based company specialsing in assisting employers in the mangement of HIV/AIDS. Includes workplace strategies, a brief history, and legal information.
    HIV Exposure Issues 
    A comprehensive resource on occupational and other exposure issues to HIV/AIDS, from AEGIS.
    MIL POZ 
    A forum for anyone with questions or comments about HIV and the military, includes facts on military HIV infection figures and detection rates.
    Return to Work? 
    Canadian study concerning the difficulties and benefits of returning to work after a long-term illness - particularly HIV/AIDS.
    Sex Workers and HIV/AIDS 
    Topics from The Body related to HIV and AIDS among sex workers, including prostitution, pornography, and government surveillance.