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Community-University Connections 
Explores the use of science in social and environmental policy and advocates precautionary and community-based research approaches. Provides information and resources on projects, current activities and research.
Conservation Law Foundation 
Uses law, economics and science to solve the environmental problems that threaten the people, natural resources and communities of New England.
Energy Probe Research Foundation 
Comprised of Probe International, Energy Probe, Environmental Bureau of Investigation, Environment Probe, Urban Renaissance Institute, Consumer Policy Institute, and Margaret Laurence Fund. One of Canada's leading environmental and public policy re
Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) 
Researches renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change, smart growth, alternative fuels, and advanced vehicle technologies.
Environmental Technology and Public Policy Program 
ETP was created to conduct research on how government policies affect the development of new environmental technologies.
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment 
FREE advances conservation and environmental values by applying modern science and America's founding ideas to policy debates.
Interstate Technology and Regulatory Cooperation 
ITRC is a state-led national coalition dedicated to better environmental protection through innovative technologies. ITRC helps reduce the technical and regulatory barriers to the deployment of new environmental technologies.
Leonardo Academy 
Policy and technical analysis of energy and environmental issues as well as environmental education. Explores both market mechanisms and traditional approaches to achieving environmental improvement, energy efficiency, and sustainability. [Mainly lis
National Endangered Species Act Reform Coalition 
A broad based coalition of roughly 200 member organizations, representing millions of individuals across the United States, that is dedicated to bringing balance back to the Endangered Species Act.
National Wilderness Institute 
Free-market environmentalist organization. Site features online publications, studies, and reports.
Political Economy Research Center 
Think tank in Montana seeking market solutions to environmental problems. Research and policy analysis covers endangered species, forestry, fisheries, mining, parks and park reform, public lands, property rights, Superfund, user fees, water marketin
Resources for the Future 
Researches environmental and natural resource issues and policy questions - rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences.
Rocky Mountain Institute 
An independent, nonprofit research and educational foundation with a mission to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security. Research areas are energy, transportation, green development, climate change, water, e
Save Our Seas 
A non-profit organization, dedicated to protect, preserve, and restore the world's oceans with proactive stewardship, for future generations.
Science and Environment Health Network 
Began in 1993 when members of the scientific community met to respond to virulent attacks on the environmental agenda. It was clear that science was being misrepresented and misused in environmental public policy.
The Heartland Institute 
Provides information on research and commentary on sound science and market-based environmental protection.
The National Wetlands Coalition 
Works to infuse common-sense into the nations wetlands regulatory program.
Waste Policy Center 
WPC deals with environmental management and policy issues related to both business and government organizations.
World Commission on Protected Areas 
To promote the establishment and effective management of a worldwide, representative network of terrestrial and marine protected areas as an integral contribution to the IUCN mission.
World Resources Institute 
WRI believes a healthy environment and healthy economy can coexist. Uses information and knowledge as tools to move human society to live in ways that protect the Earth's environment and its capacity to provide.
Worldwatch Institute 
Analyzes interdisciplinary environmental data from around the world, providing information on how to build a sustainable society. Website has articles on a broad range on topics.