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    A Giant Leap for Mankind 
    Life Magazine's photo and video essay of the space race.
    A Timeline of Rocket History 
    An overview of the development of rocketry.
    Beyond the Atmosphere: Early Years of Space Science 
    A book-length history of the period between Sputnik I and the creation of NASA, by the NASA History Office.
    Canada In Space 
    Basic overview of Canada's space telecommunications program.
    Canadian Space Milestones 
    Major achievements in Canada's satellite and astronaut programs.
    Encyclopedia Astronautica 
    Comprehensive resource providing articles on most space technology subjects and space flight history.
    From Sputnik to Moon Shot 
    Annotated timeline showing all space missions from Sputnik I to Apollo XI, with some pictures.
    History of Space Exploration 
    Timeline (1957-1999) and feature articles. Covers United States and Russian ventures and includes vehicles and biographies sections.
    History of Space Exploration 
    Several articles and publications, with illustrations and educator guides.
    Indian Space Program 
    Brief overview the of Indian Space Exploration Program. Includes a chronology and description of programs.
    Space Exploration 
    Past and future mission timelines, and a history of early launches.
    Space Exploration Merit Badge 
    How to get a Boy Scout Space Exploration Merit Badge. Includes a brief summary of early space travel and a timeline of events in space exploration from the 1950s.
    Summary of Human Space Flight History 
    Timeline of space missions impacting on human physiology and medicine.
    The Problem of Space Travel 
    A translation of Hermann Noordung's 1929 "Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums", this book is one of most extensive early studies of the technical and engineering details of a space station. Part of the NASA history series.
    The Space Race 
    Information on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, and Soviet space programs, astronauts, and rockets. Includes a glossary and discussion board.
    Time Newsfile: Space Exploration 
    Original magazine articles from key events in space exploration.
    Voyage to the Milky Way 
    Companion site to the PBS film. Mars missions, interactive speed timeline, and a look at where space exploration is taking us.
    Offers history of Australia's activities in rocket and missile testing at the Woomera Range. Includes personal memories of many ex-residents.