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Gateway to the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System sites and affiliated sites. The history and development of British television presentation (including graphic design, jingles).
English Through the Ages 
A quick tour of the changes in the English language. Particularly once the Normans conquered England, thereby making English the language of the lower classes. A lot of the structure, spelling, and pronunciation that was left from Old English was los
History of the English Language. Also has a mailing list.
Images from History 
Art and archaeological images to illustrate world history
Exploring Legends in History, Folklore, Literature, Fiction, and the Arts.
The Idyllists 
A site dedicated to the Group of British Victorian artists known as the Idydllists. The group includes: Fred Walker, John North, George Pinwell, Robert Macbeth and others.
Weaving: Art and Lore 
Examines cross-cultural weaving, cosmic webs, spinning, spindles, fabrics, and ethnic costume; it also explores Grandmother Spider Woman, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, and other myths and fairytales on weaving from around the world.