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A Medieval World: European Culture in the Middle Ages 
A site devoted to Medieval Europe. Learn about Medieval culture, see images of Medieval art, browse through hundreds of links to other Medieval sites.
Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Medieval History 
Reviews of titles covering aspects of the period, including some works on areas outside Europe and West Asia.
Dark Age Web 
Links and information about individuals, peoples, and battles in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Rome.
Early Medieval Resources for Britain, Ireland, and Brittany 
Chronologies, calendar of saints, king lists, genealogies, texts (including Adomnan's Cain Adomnain), bibliographies and links.
European Medieval History 
A selection of papers on European medieval history with focus on Norway and Scandinavia
Knights and Armor 
Dedicated to the history of the medieval knight and knight related topics.
Medieval Ages 
Many pages of introductory-level information on all sorts of popular topics.
Medieval Europe 
Important events in Medieval Europe, written from the perspective of fictional eyewitnesses.
Medieval Flags and Banners 
Information on the structure and designs of flags from the high medieval to early modern periods.
Medieval Sourcebook 
Selected sources, full text sources, and lives of Saints.
Middle Ages 
Contains overview of life during Middle Ages. life in the towns, manors, the royal court, barons, medieval soldiers, peasants, and feudal system.
Middle Ages and Renaissance 
Notes, maps, interactive activities written as support for an online World History course. Also has 300 related web links.
Mostly Medieval - Exploring the Middle Ages 
Explores several different aspects of life in the Middle Ages including medicine, heraldry, religion, festivals and myth and legend. Includes Celtic and medieval clip art and early music MIDI files.
Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies 
An academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious students. Authors are held to high standards of accuracy, currency, and relevance to the field of medieval studies.
Our Medieval Heritage 
Abstracts, illustrations and web links for a book of collected essays on medieval themes from the Australian National University, published by Merton Priory Press.
Paul Halsall's History Studies 
This site links to a series of extensive pages prepared on a variety of historical periods and themes, with strong emphasis on Medieval studies.
Primary Sources for Medieval Studies 
Information and bibliographies of primary sources for Medieval (particularly Irish) studies contained in the Boole Library, University College Cork.
Svenskildbiter's Homepage 
Information on a wide range of subjects including: Archery, Arms and Armour, Craft, and Vikings, etc. From a member of the New Varangian Guard re-enactment society.
The End of Europe's Middle Ages 
A large tutorial site designed to assist those students engaged in Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern studies who lack a background in medieval European history.
The European Middle Ages 
A learning module including essays and resources. Part of a distance learning course on World Cultures from Washington State University.
The Normans, A European People 
Comprehensive coverage of the history, culture and heritage of the Normans in France, the British Isles and Italy. Includes biographies, genealogies of rulers, a gazetteer of Norman buildings, places to visit and bibliographies.
The Origin and Deeds of the Goths 
Charles C. Mierow's translation of the text by the 6th century writer Jordanes, presented as a single hypertext file.
The Realm of The Mongols 
Large amount of information on Mongol society, history and culture.
The Year 1000 
Discusses medieval attitudes to the end of the previous millennium and argues for an apocalyptic viewpoint. From the Center for Millennial Studies.
Welcome to A Journey Into Medieval Fiefdom 
what it was like to live and work during the eleventh to fourteenth century England
Western European Contacts With Mongol China 
An essay which answers the question "How would you assess the significance of Western European contacts with Mongol China in the 13th and 14th centuries?"