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Regular updates on campaign for justice in Bhopal, the class action suit against Union Carbide Corporation, and activities of organizations for survivors of the Union Carbide disaster.
Boycott Fedex -Save our homes 
A group of residents from Greensboro, North Carolina who actively oppose the building of a FedEx hub in their area.
Boycott Georgia Pacific 
Urges a boycott of G-P's products unless construction is halted on a pipeline that endangers the St. Johns River in Florida.
ChexSystems Bites 
Information on ChexSystems, a database of accounts closed by banks. Tips and suggestions about how to survive after ending up in a Chex Systems report.
Citizen Works 
Group working on a campaign to eliminate the corosive political influence of corporations and restore democracy to the people. Founded by Ralph Nader.
Campaign against Coca-Cola's use of global-warming gases in its 16 million refrigeration units worldwide, possibly making it "the worst commercial HFC polluter on the planet".
Compaq Class Action Suit 
Class action lawsuit against Compaq for producing allegedly defective Presarios from 1996-1997.
Corporate Greed - Dumping the Internet 
The big ones want to control the internet, but - they forgot the online community. Etoys were beaten - now for the RIAA!
Essential Action: Boycott Shell/Free Nigeria Campaign 
The campaign for environmental justice and corporate accountability for Shell's operations in Nigeria. Background, tools and action ideas for campaigning in your community or campus. 
Features news on boycott of the Fisher Family, GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic.
No Logo - Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies 
News on the politics of brand hegemony and corporate power, and of acts of organized and disorganized resistance from all over the world. A forum for discussion and debate, and for sharing information, strategies of subversion and creative alternativ 
PETA campaign against Proctor & Gamble animal tests, in which workers drip chemicals into animals' eyes, force them to inhale and swallow lethal doses of poisonous compounds, and rub irritating substances onto their shaved and raw skin.
Primal Seeds 
"Untangling ourselves from the monocult." Challenging the corporate domination of the seed supply, industrial biopiracy and irresponsible control of our food.
Save Our Supermarket: Woodstock 
Dedicated to opposing the corporate invasion of Woodstock NY by CVS Pharmacy and to preserve the site of the former Grand Union for a supermarket.
Socialism Today on World Trade Organization 
Single page review of the powerful gathering of protestors in Seattle in 1999.
Stop eBay Now 
Call for boycott of the eBay online auction company.
Swatch Protest and Boycott 
In 1999, Swatch tried to use ham radio bands for advertising in violation of ITU rules via satellite. Amateur radio operators protested and the launch was cancelled.
The Imperial Orgy Community 
Offers network of activists ranging from street theater to TV works which oppose corporate power.