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    American Croquet Enterprises (ACE) 
    Concord, California; United States of America - mallets, and other equipment.
    Arizona Croquet Mallets 
    Phoenix, Arizona; United States of America - balls, mallets, and equipment.
    Big Game Hunters 
    Abingdon, England; United Kingdom - Jacques sets.
    Bob Kroeger 
    Cambridge, Massachusetts; United States of America - indoor practice wickets.
    Clarkpoint Croquet Company 
    Southwest Harbor, Maine; United States of America - sets and mallets.
    Croquet Association Shop 
    London, England, UK. Sets, balls, mallets, and hoops.
    Croquet Canada 
    Definition of different classes of equipment, and extensive list of equipment providers, both with and without websites.
    Ealing Sports 
    London, England; United Kingdom - Jaques sets.
    Elmer Cotton Sports 
    Oxford, England; United Kingdom - Jaques sets.
    George Wood Mallets 
    Hawkes Bay; New Zealand. Sets, mallets, balls, and hoops.
    Handi Life Sport 
    Skibby; Denmark - sets for elderly and disabled persons.
    Hubble and Freeman 
    United Kingdom - Jaques sets, accessories, heads, and grips.
    John Hobbs Mallets 
    Rotherfield, England; United Kingdom - mallets.
    Kensington Trading Company 
    Salt Lake City, Utah; United States of America - Jaques and other sets, mallets, balls, hoops, etc.
    LJ Associates 
    Wabasso. Florida; USA. George Wood sets and mallets, and balls.
    National Croquet Calendar 
    Extensive list of croquet equipment providers, both with and without websites.
    Novagrass International 
    Chattanooga, Tennessee; United States of America - artificial turf.
    Oakley Woods Croquet Equipment 
    Brighton, Ontario; Canada - sets, mallets, balls, hoops and similar products.
    Simply Sports 
    Oxted, England; United Kingdom - Jacques sets.
    Sporting Classics 
    Kensington, Maryland; United States of America - sets, mallets, balls, wickets.