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    #1 Glass Pipes Bongs & Hand Blown Glass Water Pipes 
    Offering water pipes, glass pipes, bongs and head shop goods. 
    Offering custom glass pipes, bubblers, downstems, water pipes & vaporizers made to order.
    17th Street Jester 
    A secure online head shop and retail store based in Virginia Beach, VA. Features a variety of smoking accessories and novelty items. Smoking Accessories 
    Features music, hand-blown color changing glass pipes, vaporizers, hookahs, rolling papers, and whip cream. Secure and discreet ordering (Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks/MO). Wholesale to retail stores worldwide
    1st Water Smokeshop 
    Tools and accessories for the smoking enthusiast. From glass pipes to metal screens.
    420 Now 
    Glass and ceramic water pipes and accessories. 
    Pipes, bongs, stickers, drug testing, bags, sneak-a-tokes, 420, Hemp shampoo, hemp bags, socks, clothing, india products, inscence, holders, links, etc.
    4:19 Got A Minute? 
    Offers pipes, water pipes, scales, and papers.
    Offering a variety of smoking accessories. 
    Offers water pipes, hand pipes, battery operated pipes, hookas, bongs, snuff tools, books, scales and smoking accessories.
    Alaaddin's Cave 
    Offering an extensive range of Turkish and Ottoman waterpipes, shishapipes, spices, teas, pure aromatic oils, Turkish delights, incenses.
    Alice's Smoking Caterpillar 
    Offering a selection of acrylic, ceramic, metal, bubblers, dugouts, waterpipes, handpipes, hookahs, sherlocks, sidecars, spice and herb grinders, and cleansing products.
    Archie's Tobacco Pipes 
    Sells acrylic and glass water pipes, hookahs, and gas masks. Located in Silver City, New Mexico. Shipping only within the United States.
    Area51 Online 
    Shop for glass, metal, ceramic, and acrylic hookahs and bongs in a variety of designs and colors. Also find pipe accessories such as screens and postal scales.
    Atz's Attic 
    Offering ceramic water pipes.
    Basil Bush 
    A London England company offering a range of papers, pipes and bongs and associated products such as spares and accessories, scales, rolling machines, tins, herbal smoking mixes, gauzes, pipe cleaners, incense, lighters, and rolling mats.
    BC Pipe Design 
    A Canadian distributor of pipes and smoking accessories. 
    Offers hookahs, proto pipes, dugouts, bongs, stealth, screens, rolling machines, blacklights, door beads, incense, and smoking accessories.
    Bomb Glass 
    A large collection of hand-blown glass pieces, pipes, bongs, and acrylics.
    BongMan Outlet 
    Offering a variety of glass pipes, water pipes, bubblers and smoking accessories.
    Bongs & Water Pipes 
    Offering a selection of water bongs, and water pipes, and other smoking accessories.
    Bongs Glass Water Pipes 
    Offering bongs, glass pipes, acrylic water pipes, and hand-blown smoking accessories.
    Offering bongs, pipes, and other smoking accessories.
    Boston Head Shops! 
    A site for all of the headshops in the Boston Area.
    Brass Pipes USA 
    Offering brass tobacco pipes made in the USA. Many pipes to choose from or create a custom.
    Bub Industries 
    Offers kits to make your own deluxe smoking devices.
    Canadian Hemp Company 
    Variety of bongs, pipes, hemp clothing and accessories. All prices in Canadian dollars.
    Cannabis Network 
    Offering ppes and cannabis related information.
    Offering hand blown glass art, glass pipes, water pipes, and other smoking accessories.
    Offering marijuana and cannabis bongs and water pipes.
    Club 13 
    Variety of pipes and smoking accessories available via check/mail order only.
    Conspiracy Inc. 
    Selection of color changing glass pipes, water pipes, hookahs, Zippos, smoking accessories, pipe pouches, bubblers, inside out hand pipes, and cleaners.
    Custom Tubes Waterpipes 
    All pipes are made from 2" diameter Lucite tubing. Tubes are available in 12", 18", and 24". All Tubes come equipped with a black rubber mouth-piece, glass bowl set-up, and glossy black removable base for easy cleaning.
    Cyber Head Shop 
    Offering a selection of waterpipes, wooden, metal and other special pipes.
    Online headshop located in Florida.
    Offering water pipes, hand pipes, hookahs, cleaning products, bongs, glass, metal, acrylic and ceramic pipes, sneaky tokers, and bubblers.
    Dr Bongs 
    Wide range of cannabis accessories including bongs, pipes, books, seeds, vaporizers, herbal highs
    Dream World Legal Buds 
    Online headshop offering discount smoking supplies to both retail and wholesale customers. Major credit cards accepted online or by 24 hour live operators. Range of products- from herbs to scales to discoballs to rolling papers, anything a contempora
    Create custom handcarved pipes, ashtrays, clips, incense holders, canes, and walking sticks.
    Drug Plaza 
    Offering rolling, pipes and T-shirts; features some interesting alien pipes.
    E-Vapes Electronic Vaporizers 
    Selling electronic vaporizers for herbal inhalation.
    East Coast Psychedelics 
    Featuring metal and glass pipes.
    Easy Smoke.Com 
    Featuring herbal highs,herbal smoking blends,marijuana alternative, hashish and salvia divinorum.
    Flashback Hemp 'n' Head Shop 
    Pipes, botanicals, cartoons, and other drug-related merchandise. (Site in English and German.)
    Flin Flon Flu Medical Marijuana Products. 
    Online store with medical marijuana pipes, t-shirts, products and gifts.
    Forever NativeHeadShop 
    A site containing a selection of smoking accessories,such as water-pipes, papers,tins,books,scales etc.
    Offrs brass and chrome marijuana pipes, high-tech pot pipes and paraphernalia for the chronic toker.
    Fosheezee Vaporizers 
    A small company located in BC, Canada specializing in original vaporizers.
    Offering dugouts and bats; the first item is free except for shipping and handling.
    Fumari Hookahs 
    Offering hookah and tobacco packages.
    Gargoyles Pipes 
    A selection of glass, metal, acrylic and ceramic pipes.
    Offering herb and herbal alternatives.
    Glass City Pipe Co. 
    Discount pipes, bongs, and smoking accessories.
    Glass Marijuana Pipes 
    Offering marijuana pipes, & premium adult videos & dvds.
    Glass Pipes from Secret Pipe Factory 
    Offering honeycomb pipes, high quality inside-out color changing glass pipes, retail and wholesale distribution, SweetLeaf herb grinders, glass jewelry and other pyrex products
    Glasspipes and Waterpipe Replacement Parts 
    Offering bowls, stems, downtubes, straight tubes, oil incense pipes
    Gothic Dungeon 
    Carries a variety of novelty products with a 60's theme.
    Grand Ali Baba Store 
    Offering hookahs, nargile, shishas, hubbly bubbly, charcoal & accessories
    Offers a selection of bongs, waterpipes and other smoking accessories.
    Offering tie-dye shirts, sterling silver jewelry, hemp bags, glass pipes, and necklaces.
    Head Shop Store 
    Offering color changing water pipes, glass pipes and bongs.
    Headdy Creations 
    Hemp patchwork and fuzzy patchwork soft cases for your glass tobacco and water pipes. 
    Offering smoking accessories, herbal smokes, cleasnsing products, jewelry, incense, oils, candies, posters, tapestries and stickers.
    Heaven On Earth Headshop. UK 
    offering bongs, pipes, vaporisers, skins, rolling papers, grinders, mixed rolling paper packs, smokers gift sets, snuff bullets and stash stuff.
    Herbal Bliss Ecstasy Alternatives Head Shop 
    Offers legal herbal ecstasy, marijuana alternatives, glass pipes, sex enhancement pills, herb grinders, herbal smoke combination deals and more.
    Herbal Smoke 
    Sells herbal smoking blends, mood pills, and bulk herbs.
    Herbal Smoke Shack Glass Pipes Shop 
    offers color changing glass pipes, water pipes, herbal smoking blends, legal marijuana alternatives, herbal ecstasy pills and smoking accessories.
    Herbal Smoke Shop Legal Marijuana Alternatives 
    Online herbal smoke shop offering legal highs, herbal ecstasy, marijuana alternatives, salvia divinorum, glass pipes, waterpipes, and more.
    Herbal Smoke Shop's Marijuana Alternatives Top Sites 
    lists the top websites for legalize marijuana issues, marijuana smoking and effects, legal marijuana alternative herbal smoke, smoking accessories, glass pipes, bongs, waterpipes and other products.
    Herbal Vaporizer 
    Heats herbs so that essential oils can be inhaled as a vapor. Describes methods for faster and slower vaporization.
    High Tides 
    Offering vaporizers, rolling papers, and smoking herbs.
    High Time Pipes 
    Offers hand pipes, water pipes, acrylic pipes and accessories.
    Hippy Head Shops 
    Directory of head shops including stores that carry paraphernaila, incense, tie dyes, hemp products, Grateful Dead, music, black light posters, stickers, lava lamps and other typical head shop items. Listings by state. 
    A happy hippy community with vendors, crafts people, head shops, special events listings, wholesalers, free advertising and bulletin board.
    Hookah and Shisha Central 
    Offers middle eastern hookah pipes, hookas, shisha tobacco, hookahs, sheesha, hooka water pipes, nargile pipes, huka pipes, charcoals, and accessories.
    Hookah Bros 
    Manufacturing and sales of hookah pipes & hookah accessories.
    Joe Stoned 
    Offering cannabis themed gifts, pens, keyrings, stash boxes and incense burners. Europe only.
    Joker's Wild Glass 
    Offering hand blown water pipes and hookahs. We use German Pyrex glass and Northstar glass colors.
    Karmic Butterfly 
    Offering a selection of acrylic, ceramic, hookahs, glass, handpipes, novelty pipes, dugouts, metal, bubbers, sidecars, spice and herb grinders, sherlocks, and cleansing products. Also includes a wholesale section.
    Kathmandu Alternative Smoke Shop 
    Offering imported incense glass pipes, water bongs, alternative & Goth silver jewery, clothing & henna, tattoo kits, door beads and posters.
    Killer Bud 
    Alternative shop with blends, detox, and more. Also sells used music and movies.
    Kindglass UK 
    High quality hand crafted colour changing glass pipes, made in the UK from finest materials. Retail site. : Beautiful Hand Blown Glass Pipes offers you a wide selection of beautiful hand blown glass pipes made by artists from northern California who specialize in the craftsmanship of the finest color changing glass pipes.
    Legal alternative to Marijuana 
    Legal alternative to Marijuana. Satisfaction guarantee. 100% legal alternative to provide the results desired.
    Legal Highs Herbal Alternatives Head Shop 
    Legal Marijuana, XTC, herbal ecstacy, drug alternatives, herbal cigarettes, glass pipes, water pipes, hookahs, salvia divinorum, legal herbs, and more
    Legal Marijuana 
    Offers a marijuana alternative blend.
    License 2 Rock 
    Sells 1960's memorabilia including (but not limited to) pipes and smoking accessories.
    Lifestyles Online 
    Offering hand pipes, water pipes, rolling papers, gift kits, herbal highs, and T-Shirts.
    LIt X 
    Offering glass pipe pouches and covers with a wide slection of colors and sizes.
    Lord Bong - Smokers Emporium 
    Supplying equipment & sundries for all your smoking needs: bongs, pipes, papers and other associated paraphernalia. UK Customers only.
    Lounge Fly 
    Collection of smoke products and body jewelry.
    Lunar e-Clips Roach Clips 
    Offers a selection of handmade roach clips. Each clip is uniquely crafted.
    Magic Sphere Valve 
    A compact spherical portable water pipe that work with any standard beverage bottle.
    Offering marijuana alternatives salvia and wild dagga.
    Mega Glass 
    Offering an assortment of smoking accessories.
    Middle Earth 
    Offering secure, discrete purchasing of smoking accessories.
    Home of the Mix'n'Ball grinders.
    Monster Pipe Shop. 
    Sells pipes, bongs, gas masks and wood.
    Mother Earth Shop Bongs and Waterpipes 
    Online headshop offering waterpipes, graffix, hand pipes, scales, marijuana books, Sweat Leaf and glass pipes.
    Mountains of the Moon 
    Offering kif boxes handcrafted from hardwoods.
    Mystic Mango 
    An old hippy new age novelty and head shop.
    Mystik Dreams 
    Offers tobacco pipes, incense and supplies and T-shirts.
    Nasty Glass 
    Selection of hand-blown glass waterpipes, pipes, stealth-pipes, bubblers, acrylic, scales, and rolling papers.
    National Tobacco Alliance 
    Large selection of hand pipes, waterpipes, papers, vaporizers and cleaning supplies.
    Northwest Pipes 
    Variety of pipes, bongs and accessories.
    Oh Yeah Headshop 
    Selling bongs, pipes, scales, dutch cannabis seeds, lights hydroponics books and scales. 
    Online moke shop, with custom glass pieces, cds, and more. We have a message board, so you can discuss everything in the world of smoking and anything else. 
    Offering hand blown glass bongs and pipes. Also carrying hookahs, herb grinders, stealth pipes, can safes, blunt wraps, and rolling papers.
    Maker of the Ashpipe, the self lighting pipe for smokers of buds, and marijuana.
    Pak A Hit 
    One hitter with wooden storage compartment. Mail in ordering.
    Offering a range of smoking devices, accessories and body piercing information.
    Paraphernalia Boutique 
    Physical smoke shop in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Peace Pipes made by Ta'ha'ka' 
    Offering hand crafted pieces made from a red earthenware clay.
    Phat Basset Novelties 
    Glass pipes, water pipes and other gift items for those with eccentric tastes. Incense, body jewelry and tapestries.
    Pipe Stall 
    Suppliers of bongs, pipes & smoking accessories. Dutch Passion Seeds, Nirvana Seeds & cigarette papers
    Pipes include glass and non-glass handpipes, bubblers, hammers, screens, stash tins, and grinders.
    Color changing glass, incognito pipes, acrylic water pipes, dugouts, papers, clips, incense, tapestries and herbal suppliments available via secure server.
    Pot and Pan Unlimited 
    Selling smoking papers, hyland cosmic frontline, giant stars and strips and all types of skins rips.
    Purple Haze420 
    From pyrex pipes to hookahs, cds, used vinyl,digital scales, hemp, collectables.
    Offering ceramic bongs and metal smoking pipes.
    Rolling King 
    Selling hookas and smoking equipment for the bong smoker. For weed and grass also. Vaporisers and pipes for hash cannabis and marijuana.
    Rolling Papers by the box at warehouse prices 
    Specializing in rolling papers including Bambu, Zig-Zag and blunt wraps.
    rxDirect2u Vaporizers 
    Marijuana vaporizers for medical use.
    S P Headquarters 
    Carrying waterpipes, pipes, tobacco, and smoking accessories; piercing; incense and oils.
    Sahara Smoke Co. 
    Wholesale and retail suppliers of traditional hookah glass water pipes, shishas, hooka pipe tobaccos and accessories and incenses.
    Salvia Divinorum Herbal Shop 
    Online herbal Salvia Divinorum Shop. Burton Services suppliers of Oaxacan, mexican sage, and Hawaiian Salvia Divinorum.
    Salvia Online 
    Offering salvia divinorum wild dagga and marijuana alternatives both retail and wholesale.
    Sensible Seeds 
    Specializing in, bongs, pipes, seeds, feminized feeds as well as regular seeds.
    Sharon's Party Shop 
    Offering pipe and accessories. Greenville, South Carolina.
    100+ kinds of psychoactive herbs, mescaline cacti, magic mushrooms.
    Shisha and Egyptian Hookah Sales 
    Offering a selection of Egyptian glass base hookahs, shisha tobacco paste which is the fruit-based tobacco blend for which the hookah was designed.
    Shop the Zone 
    Offers bongs, acrylics, nicel pipes, lava lamps and mystical things.
    Skunked - a marijuana resource. 
    We are primarily an online head shop, but also strive to provide an informative and accurate marijuana resource specifically for UK users.
    Smoke Shop Store 
    Offering glass water pipes, bongs and smoking accessories.
    Offering hand crafted pyrex glass tobacco pipes and novelties. Free Shipping.
    Smokers Guide 
    Marijuana related products, 128-bit encryption all credit cards accepted. Changing glass pipes, water pipes, glass bongs, videos, novelty t shirts, water bongs Amsterdam souviners, gifts and hemp boxer shorts.
    Smokers Treasure 
    Offering glass pipes, bubblers, bongs, hookas, steamrollers, metal pipes, ceramic pipes, acrylic pipes, scales, urine detox, t-shirts, stickers and adult toys. 
    Offers water bongs, glass pipes, and accessories.
    Specializes in jade pipes from Asia.
    Space Tractor 25 
    Smoking accessories, handmade bongs, pipes and ashtrays from a small craft company in Yorkshire, UK.
    Stealth Pipes 
    Offering stealth pipe, novelty pipes, sneak a smoke, high lighter, flashlight pipe, hammer, nut and bolt
    Stoney Creek Glass 
    Variety of glass pipes, glass jewelry, hemp oils, and accessories availabe on secure server. Wholesale available.
    Sunrise Distribution 
    Selling glass pipes, waterpipes, ceramic pipes, acylic pipes and other smoking related products. 
    Offers unusual smoking products such as liquor bottle waterpipes and kif boxes. You can design your own pipe online.
    Retailer of fine smoking accessories and scales.
    Tangy Gifts 
    Offering books, gifts and smoking gear. We import from India, Amsterdam, USA and the far east.
    The G Spot 
    Offering glass pipes, water pipes,hemp rolling papers, pyrex, digital scales,detox, tobacco pipes, smoking accessories,and hookahs.
    The Head Shop 
    Offers bongs pipes seeds books and other stuff
    The Hemphouse 
    Selling marijuana seeds from seed companys in Holland, pipes, bongs, skins, scales, books and the the volcano pollinator. Wholesale welcome.
    The Herbal Cantera 
    Specializing in herbal smokes, incense, pipes and water pipes.
    The Hookah 
    Offering a variety of authentic hookahs, tobacco and accessories.
    The Millennium Smoke Shop 
    Variety of hand-blown glass pipes.
    The Old Indian Shops - Amsterdam 
    Physical head shop in Amsterdam offering bongs, glass pipes, waterpipes, chillums, smoke supplies, snuff items, grow books, paraphernalia and distributor of the six marijuana seed banks.
    The Ozone 
    Featuring tobacco pipe's that are hand sculpted and painted by a new age artist. The creator of these works of art(Johno)spends around 25 to 30 hours on each one.
    The Toronto Bong Emporium 
    Gallery of home made bongs and hemp informaion. Features a 23 1/2 feet bong, claimed to be the world's largest. 
    Retail and wholesale sales of new smoking accessories such as the Screenbuddy, the ash catcher, glow in the dark lighter covers, metal screens, sifter boxes, and more.
    Tiverton Rocks 
    Offering T-shirts,posters, C.D.s, glass art and web design.
    Toronto Hemp Company - THC 
    Kind store in Toronto Canada providing hemp and related products, tobacco and herb smoking tools and other interesting things since 1994.
    Vishions Smoke Shop 
    Glass pipes and smoking accessories available online and at 3 locations in the San Diego area.
    Water Bong 
    Featuring glass water bongs, single & multi-chambered acrylic water bongs and pipes, stealth pipes, dugouts, metal hand pipes, rolling papers, blunt wraps and incense.
    Offers a selection of pipes, body detox, and rolling papers.
    Weed Glass Pipes 
    Offering a variety of glass, water, ceramic pipes and bongs. 
    Offering bongs,pipes,herbal highs,cannabis seeds, skins, hydroponic supplies and digital scales.
    Welcome to 
    A UK online headshop offering pipes, bongs, skins, etheogens, and smokes.
    Whatever Novelty 
    Offering pipes and novelties.
    Supplier of cannabis seeds, books, pipes, bongs, skin, T-shirts within the UK.
    Willy Banjo 
    Collections of bongs and pipes etc, specializing in metal, acrylic, glass, ice twist, big and small, ceramic, hand made, and multi-coloured.
    Zen Rolling Papers and Blunts 
    Offers rolling papers, rolling machines, blunts and more. Also offers patented flavored rolling papers too.