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    A Directory of Superconductor Resources on the Web. 
    Provides links to web resources on all aspects of superconductors, including research and development, applications, producers, education and public policy.
    A Roadmap for Superconducting Electronic Devices in Europe 
    A 1998 paper which is "a review of the opportunities available and the concerted actions required to ensure that Europe remains internationally competitive in the future development and commercialisation of Superconducting Electronics." By
    Acroscape's research on superconducting materials focuses on the development of materials and manufacturing processes for the superconducting wires that have a high potential for improved conductor performance and low fabrication costs.
    American Magnetics, Inc. 
    AMI is an engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in superconducting magnet design and manufacturing. In Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
    American Superconductor 
    ASC performs research and development in high temperature superconductor (HTS) technology for the global electric power industry. Westborough, MA and Dusseldorf, Germany.
    Applied Superconductivity Center 
    Applied Superconductivity Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Research papers, superconductor images, links to other labs.
    ARS Associates: Instruments and systems for superconductivity 
    ARS Associates is a manufacturer's representative in the fields of cryogenics, vacuum / eemiconductor process equipment, and superconductivity, including superconducting magnets, instrumentation, and cryostats. In Allentown, PA.
    Colorado Futurescience 
    Good introductory material on superconductors, including "instructions for Making Superconductors in a High School Science Laboratory," and complete superconductor kits for science educators.
    Colorado Superconductor, Inc. 
    Supplier of educational superconductor kits and supplies. Also a lot of clear on-line information about superconducting. In Fort Collins, CO.
    Cryogenic Limited 
    Superconductivity and cryomagnetic low temperature engineering and instrumentation. London, with many international contacts listed.
    Cryomag Services Inc. 
    Promises to be a "single source" for all superconducting magnet services, especially for NMR / MRI. Includes fills, repairs, and all other cryogenic aspects. In New Jersey.
    Cryoton Co. Ltd 
    Russian company manufacturing equipment for superconducting electronics. It specializaes in dc-SQUID-based equipment including fiberglass cryostats, measuring probes, and electronics and software for data collection and analysis. In Troitsk, Moscow
    Diboride Conductors Ltd. 
    Develops superconducting products based on magnesium diboride. In Cambridge, UK.
    High-Tc Update 
    An international newsletter on the latest development on superconducting materials. A good source for recent preprints related to superconductivity. From the High-Tc Superconductivity Information Center at Iowa State University.
    Institute for Technical Physics 
    Primary emphasis on superconductivity technology. At the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany.
    Intermagnetics General Corporation 
    IGC is a developer and manufacturer of superconducting materials, radio-frequency coils, magnets, superconducting wire, cable and tape, and related refrigeration equipment. In Latham, New York, with manufacturing plants in several states. Several m
    Magnavolt Technologies, Inc. 
    Manufacturer of compact superconducting magnets, cryogen free magnet systems, AC & DC measurement equipment of magnetic properties, and helium cryostats. In Plattsburgh, NY.
    NST: Nordic Superconductor Technologies 
    NST is a company entirely focusing on developing, manufacturing and commercialising high temperature Bi2223 superconducting tapes for the global market.
    SCENET - European Network for Superconductivity 
    Links government laboratories, universities and industrial laboratories of the European Community, Switzerland, Norway and Israel to investigate technology and applications of superconductivity.
    Superconducting DNA 
    A description of research that has demonstrated proximity induced superconductivity within individual DNA molecules. Feb. 23, 2001.
    A clear explanation of superconductivity at cryogenic temperatures -- aimed at students. From Think Quest.
    Superconductivity Links 
    A large link list of superconductivity data bases, free journals, papers and news, and university & institute sites by a Korean PhD. candidate. Also available in Korean language.
    Superconductivity Technology Center 
    Los Alamos National Laboratory research center tells about superconductivity, its research, and current and future applications. 
    Superconductor Information for the Beginner. A nicely written site, with much basic information. Great for students and educated laymen.
    The Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston 
    A multidisciplinary center for basic and applied research on superconducting materials.
    Trithor manufactures Bi-2223 HTS Wires (HTS-temperature superconductor) for the global electric power industry, MRI/NMR- and magnet technology, located in Rheinbach, Germany.
    University of Tokyo: Department of Superconductivity 
    "Uchida's Group," working on high-temperature superconducting.