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    Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. of Shanghai 
    ASMC is a pure-play wafer foundry company provides perfect semiconductor fabrication and related manufacturing services. We offer a unique mix of bipolar / CMOS process in our ISO9002 / QS9000 certified fab.
    ATL - Advanced Transistor Logic 
    ABSTRACT - The characteristics of a new low-voltage (2.0 V) logic family (ATL or controlled switching logic) are showed.
    Bridge Technology 
    semiconductor test equipment, probe stations, four point probes, etching systems, cross sectioning equipment, emission microscopes, environmental chambers.
    With access to datasheets for semiconductors, especially for obsolete parts, ChipDocs provides design engineers with information they need for designing a new or repairing an existing products.
    Chipworks reverse engineers semiconductors 
    Chipworks is a world leading reverse engineering firm dedicated to in-depth reports on new and emerging technology in the semiconductor industry
    Cmos-semicustom-array Md300 
    Information around md300 array about events, services, users, design, layout, models, tools, technical information, projects, applications, and cells.
    flat panel display market research and consulting. - 
    Independent, unbiased design and purchasing selection from premier global manufacturers of drams
    Dynamix Cosmo 
    Supplying semiconductor materials, silicone products, chemicals, petrochemicals, wafer handling tools, etc for semiconductor manufacturers.
    Electronics Resource Center 
    Directory service for semiconductor and electronics websites
    Provides materials management solutions for the semiconductor
    Eurotechnology Japan Device Simulations 
    Simulation and visualization technologies for quantum devices including online animations.
    Evergreen Semiconductor Materials 
    Distributor of ceramic packages and silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry. Specializing in PGA's, Flat Packs, Sidebraze DIP's, Cerquads, Leaded Chip Carriers, LCC's, Cerdips, TO Headers, Silicon Wafers.
    Four Point Probe Resistivity Test Equipment 
    Four point probes and resistivity test equipment for measuring sheet resistance and bulk resistivity of semiconductors and other materials.
    Gallium Arsenide Power Devices 
    Prof. German Ashkinazi is the author of the monograph: GaAs Power Devices, devoted to the fabrication of high-voltage, high-temperature, ultra-fast p-i-n diodes and other devices.
    High Vacuum Pumps, Accessories, and Controllers 
    High vacuum pumps, accessories, and controllers, resource center.
    Infineon Technologies AG 
    Semiconductor solutions for applications in the wireless and wired communications markets, for the automotive and industrial sectors, for security systems and chip cards as well as memory products
    Infineon Technologies CARMEL DSP 
    Infineon Technologies CARMEL DSP - The DSP for System-on-Chip Solutions
    Insight Analytical Labs Semiconductor Failure Analysis 
    Specialists in semiconductor, circuit board, electronics and electrical failure analysis.
    is a merchant epiwafer supplier for the compound semiconductor industry, using the technologies of both MOVPE and MBE.
    KPR Inc 
    Seiko Instruments announces that a free 4-page full color brochure on its is now available. The iChip is the world's first stand-alone hardware-based Internet-ready IC.
    Mitsubishi Global Semiconductor Homepage 
    Mitsubishi combines systems-level expertise and high-level silicon process technologies to provide chip, chipset and system-on-chip solutions for computers, communications, consumer, industrial
    Nordic VLSI ASA 
    Nordic VLSI ASA offers: IC's for wireless products, RF standard components, ASIC design, Design handoff, Data converter IP cores and component delivery service.
    Novellus Systems, Inc. 
    Novellus is a supplier of manufacturing systems used to create integrated circuits.
    offers products which cover the entire range of crystal, oscillator and filter products, a range with matched all request of frequency control devices.
    Rika Denshi America 
    Offers a wide selection of spring-loaded probes designed for IC testing applications.
    A Broad Range of Frequency Control Products From a Leading US Based Supplier
    Semiconductor Analysis Service 
    Providing semiconductor analysis services for the semiconductor industry. Expert at preparing and examining temperature sensitive and exotic materials.
    Semiconductor engineering forum at Eng-Tips 
    Semiconductor engineering technical support forums and mutual help system for engineering professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
    Semiconductor Finishing Services 
    Chip Process provides electronic device lead repair, scanning, tape and reel packaging, lead tinning, PCB reclaim, BGA reballing
    Semiconductor Services 
    Training courses and up-to-date technological information for professionals in the semiconductor industry.
    Semtech Corporation 
    Semtech is a semiconductor manufacturer targeting the areas of communications (optical, wired and wireless applications), portable equipment and high-end industrial applications (automated test equipment and high performance products).
    Testime Technology Ltd. 
    Specialising in the distribution of both current and obsolete devices to the communication, military and commercial markets.
    A history of the invention and development of the transistor, from the discovery of the electron to the dawn of Silicon Valley.
    Semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas and Ra'anana, Israel near Tel Aviv. Sales, marketing and applications are centered out of Austin, while design, product engineering, reliability and quality are centered out of Israel.