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    Offers radio modems, broadcasting emitters receivers and other RF electronic equipment.
    AM ground system construction, evaluation and repair 
    Details on ground systems for AM radio and lightning protection
    Antenna and Electromagnetic Research Group 
    Offers research areas, projects, people, facilities, and PhD graduates.
    Applied Radar, Inc. 
    Research and development of radar and other electromagnetic sensor, communication, and navigation systems.
    B2B Communications Co., Ltd. : Air plane rental and sheet metal processing 
    Manufacturer and exporter service in telecommunication air plane rental, and sheet metal processing. Located in Bangkok , Thailand.
    BABT Product Service International Site 
    A comprehensive suite of compliance services for the Communications industry including product testing, approvals management, consultancy, certification, quality assurance, billing system assessment and training available through a worldwide network
    Blaw-Knox Diamond Radio Towers 
    Pictorial display of existin Blaw-Knox Diamond Radio towers. History and technical details are included.
    Bluetooth Qualification 
    An outline of the Bluetooth(TM) qualification procedure using a Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB). Application form is available.
    BraBant BreedBand 
    Research alliance in broadband communications technologies initiated by KPN, Lucent Technologies and the Eindhoven University of Technology. Offers news, project descriptions and publications.
    BYU Wireless Communications Research 
    Information on channel probing and modeling, ray-tracing, space-time coding, and MIMO channels. Site provides publications and measured data for download.
    Carucel-Wireless Broadband Technology 
    Carucel(tm) is a fourth generation (4G) wireless technology that provides broadband 20 mbps channels, in 60 Ghz unlicensed spectrum, to mobile users at highway speeds.
    Civcom Inc. 
    Develops unique solutions including Free-X all-optical switch family as well as advanced DWDM wave processing solutions. These solutions free optical networks from most existing constraints and bring about a breakthrough in the all-optical communicat
    COMElite Consulting - Communication Consultants 
    COMElite Provides communication consultations for businesses. Effective Radio, fibre, WAN solutions with complete project management using ISO9001 systems.
    Communication Signal Processing Lab. 
    Smart antenna solutions for CDMA systems. It includes adaptive algorithms and smart antenna architecture. You can download Prof. Choi's papers and patents
    Communications Security Service 
    Snapshield is an excellent point-to-multipoint encryption security solution for all voice, fax and data telephone communication on access networks and beyond.
    Core components for ASIC and FPGA solutions 
    Support and services for ASIC solutions with CorePool IP core components.
    Crudele Communications - Two-Way Radio 
    Sales and Service for Two-Way Radio Trunking repeater systems. Conventional two-way including UHF, VHF and Low-band. FCC Licensing and Nextel Phones.
    Cyrospace Technologies 
    A provider of technology transfer services with the focus on telecommunications, internet and bioscience technologies.
    DATAX Quality in Datacom 
    DATAX is a manufacturer of innovative CPE equipment for Telecom Operators including: TDM, ISDN and IP based products.
    Delson Telecommunications Group 
    Provides training for System Operators, Design Engineers, and companies seeking to enter the 3G Wireless Market.
    Dr. Lurie consults in high-performance feedback controllers and RF and analog el 
    Offers consulting in high-performance feedback controllers: SISO and MIMO, digital and analog, for electrical and mechanical systems.
    Electronic Design Consultancy 
    Design services including: Power PC Power Quicc MPC860T designs, PCB layout design, Circuit design - analogue and digital areas, and VHDL chip design.
    Designer and manufacturer of fiber-optic test, measurement, monitoring and automation solutions for the global telecommunications industry.
    Development of hardware based on the standard Bluetooth chipsets and software protocol stacks for Bluetooth as per ETSI standards
    FireComms Ltd. - Plastic Optical Fibre 
    FireComms is an innovator in Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) high-speed data networking, a new technology for the 21st Century.
    Fitel Technologies 
    FITEL Technologies is providing innovative, customized fiberoptic products and customer solutions for the North American optoelectronics market.
    Free Space Optics 
    In-depth information about the technology and its history. Includes operational notes, glossary, and FAQs.
    IEEE Communications Society 
    Diverse group of industry professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies. Sponsors conferences and local activities.
    IEEE Education, Communications Page 
    IEEE Education products: selected readings, videos, self-study courses, CD-ROMs covering topics in the category of communications.
    IEEE Signal Processing Society 
    Areas of interest are the theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals by digital or analog devices or techniques.
    IMMCO, Inc. 
    An international company providing drafting, design, field engineering, GIS, and software services to develop broadband networks for cable TV, telephone and other utilities.
    LCtelecommunication & Networking 
    Designed to serve as a learning environment for engineering students and professionals to discuss and exchange their kownledge and experience on various electronics and communication topics.
    Logic Innovations Broadcasting Solutions and Engineering Design Services 
    Products and engineering design services for broadcasting and communications. Offering network based broadcast monitoring, data broadcasting, and broadcast storage products for terrestrial, satellite, and cable broadcast markets.
    MB International - R&D Labs 
    MB International - Telecom Labs Research and Design for Telecom and Broadcasting The best solution to outsource your design: AM, FM, TV, DAB, IBOC, DVB, ATSC, MPEG, QAM, QPSK, COFDM.
    Metro Communications and Electronics 
    Offers two way commercial radio, repeater, radio rentals, system design, antenna, tower, CCTV, emergency vehicles, and emergency equipment.
    Microwave design and RF 
    Microwave design and RF configuration. Troubleshooting the performance of microwave link
    Microwave Mall 
    Listing for major manufacturers of RF and Microwave Products such as: amplifers,diodes,IC's,switches, transistors,capacitors,isolators,inductors,resistors,cables,terminations,attenuators,couplers,dividers,filters,crystals,SAW's,pcb's,software,fiber-o
    Misek Antenna Research 
    Publisher of The Beverage Antenna Handbook. Supplier of ferrite cores, bronze clips and field effect transistors used in Beverage Antenna construction.
    Multimedia Communications Lab 
    Contains research in theory and algorithms for multimedia data compression and communications, digital watermarking and information hiding, and quantum informatics.
    Nokia 3210 FAQ 
    Facts concerning the Nokia 3210 mobile phone.
    OFDM information 
    Offers publications and resources about orthogonal frequency division multiplexing wireless technology.
    Olivetti S.p.A: telecomunications and information-communication tecnologies 
    Olivetti is the most important italian group that operates in the phone and mobile telecommunication and it's among the world leaders in the Information Technology. The site contains a complete press releases file, the products and the services offer
    Passive components 
    Isolators, circulators, waveguides and microwave components.
    Portable HF Radio Products and Engineering 
    Portable HF radio equipment for harsh environments. Suitable for 1-1000 mile voice communications. Battery powered transceivers, antennas and equipment. Design services from HF to 5GHz.
    Contains a PRX trunking diagram, and information on the holden machine.
    s2one, Broadcast Transmission Consulting 
    s2one is a leading broadcast transmission services company that understands the entire DTV transmitter system.
    Synergy Sales 
    A group of highly technical manufacturing representatives based in the Silicon Valley.
    Telecommunications access networks: Structure, Planning and Technologies 
    Covers telecommunications access network architecture, components, forecasting and planning methodologies and new technologies like xDSL, fibre optic based networks, PONs, SDH, etc.
    Telecommunications Engineering and Training 
    Telecommunications engineering services and telecommunications training services
    Telecoms Virtual Library 
    Collection of links to telecommunication sites worldwide.
    Top magnetics corporation 
    Manufacturer of EMI suppression products, Magnetics, transformers, chokes, coils and beads.
    TriPoint Global 
    Global suppliers of satellite and wireless communications products and services.
    Venturevision Trading and Consultancy 
    Venturevision Provides consultancy services and project management, for cable companies. Its aim is to fill the gap between the market and the technology.
    Wave Propagation 
    Sharpen your understanding of microwave communication by getting introduced to the concept of wave propagation.
    WirelessNOW's Homepage 
    Every weekday, WirelessNOW rounds up the latest news from the wireless industry.
    Wraycastle specialising in telecomms training such as gsm, 3g and other wireless protocols.
    YRP Home Page 
    At YRP, a variety of pioneering research activities on mobile communications technology are implemented to bring the 21st Century multimedia information society.