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CAD tips 
Free article on making your CAD system a better tool for you.
Circuit Sage 
Contains information, links, and tools to analyze and synthesize transmission lines.
Digital Design 
Includes topics on boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, number systems, digital logic, state machine design, and VHDL.
EE Compendium 
A comprehensive collection of information for electronics engineers, students, and hobbyists. Includes books and publications, as well as information on components and tools. - The Electrical Engineering Community 
A community dedicated for electrical and electronics engineers which includes a directory based search engine, news, jobs, marketplace, and other services designed specifically for EEs.
Electrical Engineers Jobs & Resources 
Employment information for the engineering industry including engineering job vacancies, application letters, resumes, CV, further education, interviews, and job searching skills. Scientific employment and recruitment worldwide.
Electrical Switchgear News 
Electrical Switchgear and Recloser news for engineers. Medium voltage switchgear, pole mounted auto reclosers, load break switches, sectionalizers.
Electrical Zone 
Includes links to electrical industry sites, news releases and technical articles.
Electrical/Electronic Engineers forum at Eng-Tips 
Electrical/Electronic Engineers technical support forums and mutual help system for engineering professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
Electronic Engineering Information and Service Network 
Database includes event information, glossary, patents, standards, technical notes, and application notes.
EMF Resources and Information 
Research and management about EMF (electromagnetic fields), including scientific papers, PowerQuality and Property Management articles.
IEE Beds & Herts Younger Members Section 
A site for young professional engineers in the Beds & Herts area. Lectures, tours and social stuff
IHS Engineering 
Databases of worldwide industry standards, active & passive components, industrial catalogs, government parts & logistics data, commercial parts data engineering data, military specs & standards, federal documents, and diminishing manufac
International Research Centre for Telecommunications-transmission and Radar 
Research on radar, atmospheric radar remote sensing, antennas, and telecommunications-transmission.
Johnny Welch's Industrial Electrical Reference and Resources 
Links of interest to industrial electricians and engineers, and a Java HZ to FPM converter for inverters and drives with source code. Also contains notes, interpretations and examples of NFPA and OSHA standards.
Laser Sensors and Research in Electrical Engineering 
Describes on-going research and graduate studies in the field of lasers, including tunable diode lasers in arrangements using the principles of spectroscopy. Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.
Linux High Precision Timing 
Offers hardware and software applications.
Macfarlane Generators 
Electrical calculators that allow you to determine amps, horsepower, kilowatts, kVA, volts, and generator size.
Motors and controls 
Articles and tutorials about motors, drives, and motion control. Covers AC, DC, brushless, linear, stepper, switched reluctance, motors, drives, power, inverters, and power semiconductors.
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Electrical and Electronics Engineers 
Information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor describing electrical and electronics engineering career prospects.
Phase Lock, Synthesis, RF Systems 
Discusses phase-locked loops, frequency synthesis, and RF systems design.
Pioneering EE Patents 
Browse a collection of pioneering patents in the field of Electrical Engineering, and check out a featured patent twice each month. Original patents are featured for such fundamental building blocks of EE design as the transistor, the superhetrodyne
Power Quality Magazine 
Covers power transmission reliability and other power quality related issues. Index to online articles.
Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Tutorial 
Offers description of nano-technology based on the confinement of electrons within structures called quantum dots.
Recloser and Switchgear 
A glossary of terms provided by Nulec Industries.
Online database of technical products. Contains over 6 million specifications. Search by specification to find the products you need.
Theory and Design of Electrical and Electronic Circuits 
Textbook of theory and design of electrical and electronic circuits, available to download for free.
VitaTech Engineering 
Commercial firm specializing in electromagnetic fields: surveys and measurements, exposure and risk assessments, and magnetic shielding solutions. Site includes several electromagnetic related articles.
WebEE - The Electrical Engineering Homepage 
A resource site where electrical engineers can find schematics, component information, application notes, software downloads, and career links.