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    American Career Test 
    Career aptitude test matches personality traits with career aptitude characteristics, providing ranking of career suggestions. 
    Offers aptitude tests, personality tests, occupational interest inventories and career guidance. Developed by Dr. Lankford.
    Campbell Interest and Skill Survey 
    Measures self-reported vocational interests and skills. Similar to traditional interest inventories, the CISS interest scales reflect an individual's attraction for specific occupational areas.
    A career test that uncovers one's best occupational matches. Provides career research and a full career test report.
    Career Development Profiler 
    Includes tests for motivation, work interests, personality, and a comprehensive questionnaire to help the test-taker develop their own Career Development Action Plan.
    Career Maze 
    Online assessment of vocational strengths, weaknesses, interests, and capabilities.
    Career Profile 
    Offers a free online career profile test.
    Offers computer-generated career advice and guidance based on a battery of psychometric assessments. £55.00 fee. 
    Provides an on-line test for identifing one's ideal career.
    Online career assessment tool that matches career seekers with their most suitable employers, based on personality and interests.
    Changemasters Interactive 
    Offers an online test for the "Nine Dominant Behavioral Skills In Today's Work Place": Logical, Planning, Organizing, Enterprising, Thinking, Creative, Relating, Controlling, and Persuading.
    Color Wize 
    Find out your favorite colors and the careers that correspond to those colors.
    Future Proof Your Career's Career Test 
    Offers a test to help on find fulfilling work, and create a personalized career strategy that works with the latest employment trends of the knowledge age.
    Jackson Vocational Interest Survey 
    A career assessment and career planning tool that matches interests to careers, job groups and college majors.
    Job and Joy 
    Mail order offer of a self-scored personality and interest inventory.
    A unique personality test based on answering the question: What would your medieval vocation have been?
    Life Values Inventory 
    Life Values Inventory (LVI) - designed to help individuals clarify and prioritize their values and serve as a blueprint for future decision making.
    Mirrorgate Test Portal 
    Offers free professional online career tests.
    Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential 
    An online career assessment that identifies how one best fits in the workplace.
    My Aspiration 
    A comprehensive, easy to read report designed to give one practical help and advice about one's career.
    Online Profiles 
    Provides online profiling tools for the individual and for businesses. Offers courses geared towards test results.
    Personal Nature Career Assessment 
    Measures talents and work styles ranking career suggestions. Interpretative reports immediately available.
    PsychTests' Career Tests 
    Collection of free, professionally developed career tests and inventories scored online.
    Queendom's Career Tests 
    Collection of free, professionally developed career tests and inventories scored online. Includes Coping Test, Burn out, Assertiveness, Communication, Procrastination, Leadership, Sales Personality, Power Profile, and Time Management.
    Self-Directed Search 
    Matches one's skills and interests to specific jobs, careers, occupations, college majors, and fields of study. Includes a printable report.
    The Career Key 
    Offers a brief career test.
    The Kuder® Career Planning System 
    Provides the Kuder® career assessment or career test for client career planning.