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A Brief Look at Postwar U.S. Income Inequality 
Census Bureau 1996 paper pointing out the sharp decline in the percentage of income of the bottom 80% of American since the late 1960's, taking the whole thirty years as a block.
Addressing the Extremes of Wealth and Poverty 
Outlines a proposals to reduce the disparity in wealth between poor and wealthy nations and individuals, through taxation and redistribution.
Capitalist Policies 
Position paper that such policies lead to social and economic inequality. By Ramin Farahmandpur.
China: A Shared Poverty To Uneven Wealth? 
A George Washington University analysis of how economic reforms (away from socialism) have caused a widening income gap in China, and yet raised the standards of living of the Chinese people.
Closing the Wealth Gap 
A speech by P. J. O'Rourke, nationally syndicated columnist and award-winning author, on income disparity.
CONVERGE project 
Organization dedicated to analysis of Economic and technological regional convergence in Europe. Provides conference descriptions, case studies, and research.
Earnings Differences Between Women and Men 
Analysis of the difference in earnings by working women and men in the United States from 1951 through 1999, from Facts on Working on Working Women, U.S. Department of Labor.
Growing Income Disparity and the Middle Class Squeeze 
Catholic Social Justice takes a stand against income disparity, which it says is growing fast in the US. Includes statistics.
IGC articles on income inequality 
A collection of online articles from various organisations concerning income inequality in the US and abroad, claiming there is a growing gap, that this is bad, and that it should be "fixed" by government force.
Poverty, Inequality and Development: Research at Cornell University 
Portal to research on poverty, inequality and development at Cornell University.
The Causes of Income Inequality 
Addresses the causes of the income gap, and some proposed solutions.
The Conquest of Poverty 
Drawing lessons from history and economics, Hazlitt shows how the Western world has nearly eradicated poverty. But "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
The Income Gap 
National Public Radio's John Ydstie investigates the growing disparity in real income between Americans in this special series from Morning Edition
The L-Curve 
Graphically describes and criticizes income distribution in the United States.
The New Inequality (from Boston Review) 
MIT's prestigious Boston Review discusses the rise of income inequality in the United States with a variety of economists and proposes some remedies, all along socialist lines.
The University of Texas Inequality Project (UTIP) 
The UTIP is a research group concerned with measuring and explaining movements of inequality in wages and earnings and patterns of industrial changes around the world. Techniques are applied to data from the United States, the OECD, and UNIDO, with i
United for a Fair Economy 
U.S. national, independent, nonpartisan organization concerned about the growing income, wage and wealth inequality in the United States. Specific issues include wage inequalities and "tax cuts for the rich".