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    Analysis of Vitis Vinifera 
    Analysis of Vitis vinifera chloroplast genome polymorphisms shows substantial contribution of wild vines to European grapevine cultivars and raises new questions about vine domestication.
    Ancient Gardening 
    An investigation of the plants and methods in gardening from 10,000 B.C.E. to 1700 C.E.
    Archaeobotanical Lab-Bar Ilan University 
    Profiles of the laboratory and selected studies including Ashkelton, Atlit-Yam, Netiv Hagdud, Gesher Benot Ya'agov, Ohalo II, and a computerized key of grass grains.
    Archaeobotany Lesson 2.5 
    Instructional material for a one hour archaeobotany lesson from the University of North Carolina.
    Archaeobotany Working Group 
    Brief profile of this working group of the North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation.
    Çatalhöyük Archaeobotany Report 1999 
    Report detailing the methods and results of archaeolobotanical analysis at this site.
    Experimental Approaches to the Archaeobotany of Wild Plant Foods 
    Paper by Sarah Mason on experiments used to provide comparative material for examining pre-agrarian European sites which contain morphologically-indeterminate charred material.
    Florida Museum of Natural History: Archaeobotany Collection 
    These collections house plant remains primarily from the southeastern United States and the circum Caribbean region, and include both prehistoric and historic period sites.
    International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany 
    Report on the history of the group and the 1998 meeting.
    Joint Archaeobotanical Project: Fromm's Landing 
    Description of a research project at Flinder University. Includes pictures of botanical remains.
    Ohio State University: Graduate Training in Archaeobotany 
    Offers graduate degrees in anthropology with an archaeobotany specialization. Archaeobotany faculty, facilities, and courses.
    Palaeoethnobotany at Caesarea 
    The Combined Caesarea Expeditions offers this module as a learning tool. Introduction, background, applications, methodology, and recovery and sorting.
    Procedures to Recover Archaeobotanical Remains 
    Paper on bucket flotation procedures to recover archaeobotanical remains by Cheryl Ward, Ph.D.
    Recent Palaeoethnobotanical Research at Scowlitz 
    Talk presented to the Archaeological Society of British Columbia, at Vancouver, BC, April 12, 2000 by Natasha Lyons.
    Review of Food Plants from the British Isles 
    Abstract of a review of the archaeological evidence for food plants from the British Isles: an example of the use of the Archaeobotanical Computer Database.
    The Dung File 
    Organized list of references dealing with pollen, parasites, and plant remains in coprolites and latrine fills from archaeological and palaeoenvironmental sites.
    Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 
    The Springer Journal Vegetation History and Archaeobotany covers the entire field of vegetation history - mainly the development of flora and vegetation during the Holocene and Pleistocene.