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    About Astronomy and Space - Black Holes 
    Find articles, information, and web sites about these theoretical cellestial objects, formed when a massive star collapses from its own gravity.
    Black Hole Recipe: Slow Light, Swirl Atoms 
    Physicists may soon create artificial analogs of black holes in the laboratory.
    Black holes 
    Portal linking to sites about very high density objets: black holes, neutron stars ...
    Black Holes 
    We review the observational evidence for black holes, and briefly discuss some of their properties. We also describe some recent developments involving cosmic censorship and the statistical origin of black hole entropy
    Black Holes 
    A review of the theory and history of black holes.
    Black Holes and Beyond 
    A brief description of Black Holes for the layman
    Black Holes and Mysteries of the Cosmos 
    Everything you wanted to know about Black Holes and Mysteries of the Cosmos, but were afraid to ask!
    Black Holes and Naked Singularities 
    This article gives an elementary review of gravitational collapse and the cosmic censorship hypothesis. Known models of collapse resulting in the formation of black holes and naked singularities are summarized.
    Black Holes made Simple 
    An overview of modern research in black holes without the use of mathematical equations.
    Black Holes: A general introduction 
    This article presents in a pictorial way the basic concepts of black hole's theory, as well as a description of the astronomical sites where black holes are suspected to lie.
    Cambridge Relativity - Black Holes 
    An overview of black holes and information on current research from Cambridge
    Do Black Holes Exist ? 
    Science popularization article on black holes.
    Do Black Holes Exist in our Universe? 
    Theory of black hole formation, observational effects and black hole candidates. Articles on 9 sub-topics. Part of the curriculum of the astronomy students of the Rijksuniversteit Groningen, Netherlands.
    FAQ to SCI.PHYSICS on Black Holes 
    An FAQ list by Matt McIrvin containing basic questions and answers related to black holes.
    Geometry Around Black Holes 
    An exhibition on relativistic computer dynamics used to present the theory of black holes.
    Gravitational Redshift 
    An overview of the effects on light in the presence of a black hole.
    Hawking Radiation 
    Classically, black holes are black. Quantum mechanically, black holes radiate, with a radiation known as Hawking radiation, after the British physicist Stephen Hawking who first proposed it.
    Higher Dimensional Chern-Simons Theories and Topological Black Holes 
    It has been recently pointed out that black holes of constant curvature with a "chronological singularity" can be constructed in any spacetime dimension. In this paper, a brief summary of these new black holes is given.
    Introduction to Black Hole Microscopy 
    The aim of these notes is both to review the standard understanding of the Hawking effect. The fundamentals of the Unruh effect are reviewed, and then the Hawking effect is explained as a ``gravitational Unruh effect".
    Jillian's Guide to Black Holes 
    An informal introduction to types, formation, and environment.
    Kerr's Rotating Black Holes. 
    A brief mathematical description of this phenomenon and diagrams of the mathematical results.
    Modern Research by Eduard Westra 
    Research done about low mass black holes. On the level of 2nd year astronomy students.
    Quantum Fields Near Black Holes 
    This review gives an introduction into problems, concepts and techniques when quantizing matter fields near black holes. The first part focusses on quantum fields in general curved space-times. The second part is devoted to a detailed tre
    Quantum Geometry and Black Holes 
    Non-perturbative quantum general relativity provides a possible framework to analyze issues related to black hole thermodynamics from a fundamental perspective.
    Schwarzschild Geometry 
    The Schwarzschild geometry describes the spacetime geometry of empty space surrounding any spherical mass.
    Schwarzschild's Spacetime 
    A site explaining the Schwarzschild solution and how it leads to black holes.
    Stringy Black Holes 
    A set of lecture notes with a very good section on black holes, as well as current work in string theory.
    The Net Advance of Physics: Black Holes 
    A set of links to numerous black holes resources on the Web. A great starting point to finding some advanced papers on the topic.