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Annual Dose Assessment for Luminescence and ESR Dating : Evaluation of Nuclide M 
A methodology for assessing radiation when sediment shows a radioactive disequilibrium, with applications to thermoluminescence and ESR dating. Thesis by Xavier Rambaud.
Association Vinçotte Nuclear 
Belgium nuclear regulatory institute. Objectives, studies and reports.
Brookhaven Nuclear Wallet Cards 
Selected properties of all known nuclides and their known isomeric states.
Canadian Penning Trap 
Precision atomic mass measurements on stable and exotic nuclei using the Canadian Penning Trap Mass Spectrometer (CPTMS) situated ar Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA.
Canberra Industries 
Nuclear instrumentation and software
CdTe and CdZnTe Crystal Growth and Production of Gamma Detectors 
Semiconductor gamma radiation detectors prepared from Bridgman growth crystals.
DOE Preprint Network, Fission and Nuclear Technologies 
Searchable gateway to preprint servers at U.S. Department of Energy.
DOE's Office of High Energy and Nuclear Physics 
Administers a $1 billion/year research program in the U.S. Most high energy and nuclear physics research is conducted using accelerators which produce beams of subatomic particles (e.g., protons and electrons) or nuclei moving essentially at the spe
Driving Resolution to Noise Limit in Gamma Detectors 
Article on adjusting detector circuits to improve performance.
Eurisys Mesures : the specialist of nuclear instrumentation and systems 
Eurisys Mesures radiation monitoring system and analysis instrumentation serving industries engaged in nuclear power, personal dosimeter and decommissioning, and safeguards.
Four discoveries in radiation physics 
Four discoveries were made recently in radiation physics by M.A.Padmanabha Rao. Three of them: experimental observations, the fourth one: a new atomic phenomenon. Published in Symposia.
Institut fuer Isotopenforschung und Kernphysik 
Nuclear physics research and accelerator mass spectrometry, Austria.
James B. Elliott 
Personal home page at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 
An intergovernmental organization created in order to unify the intellectual and material potential of Member States to study the fundamental properties of matter.
KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics 
A division of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Information on organisation, activities, publications, prizes and conferences.
Lasers Split the Atom 
The reactions that lead to nuclear power or an atomic blast can now be initiated with laser light, allowing researchers to run new types of nuclear physics experiments.
Mercury Stable Isotope Enrichment 
Using photochemical reactions in Foton pilot plant.
Monte Carlo Simulation in NMR 
Simulation of internal reorientation in solids. Application of NMR to chemical physics studies.
Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference - sponsored by IEEE
Nuclear Data Project (NDP) 
Devoted to the collection and evaluation of nuclear structure and astrophysics data. The work includes dissemination of compilations, evaluations, and codes via internet- and www-based information services, as well as publication in journals.
Nuclear Data Viewer 
This nuclear data viewer allows you to prepare high-quality Postscript graphs of experimental data (CSISRS) and/or evaluated data (ENDF, FENDL, etc.) from our built-in data bases
Nuclear physics 
A description of nuclear physics and its applications.
Nuclear Physics Electronic 
Nuclear Physics Electronic is a service provider covering 9 leading nuclear and high energy physics journals from Elsevier Science
Nuclear Reactions Video 
Graphical representation of data and simulation of low energy nuclear dynamics using nuclear databases and nuclear dynamical models. Runs under MS-Windows, web version in development.
Nuclear Spectroscopy Group KULeuven 
Our research fields are: 1. Decay studies of exotic nuclei produced at on-line mass separators and in-flight separators 2. Reaction studies of post-accelerated radioactive ion beams
ORNL High Flux Isotope Reactor Facility 
One of the world's most powerful research reactors. Produces transuranium isotopes for research, industrial, and medical applications and is used in neutron-scattering experiments to reveal the structure and dynamics of materials, including metals an
Radiation Physics and Radiocarbon Research Lab 
This sute contains an overview of activities in lab. Measurement of man-made and natural radionuclides in the environment. Pictures from our most recent sampling campaigns and of equipment we use. We investigate uranium, plutonium colloids and others
Table of Nuclids 
Free software for displaying radioactive decay series on the table of nuclids.
The D-T Fusion Reaction 
Deuterium and tritium react to produce a helium nucleus and a neutron.
The World of Nuclear Science 
An interactive educational resource about nuclear science.
University of Birmingham - Nuclear Physics Group 
Includes information about postgraduate admissions, lists of staff, publications and seminars, and brief introductions to the research that is undertaken.