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    2D Fluids Research 
    Exploring the possibility of using flowing soap films as two dimensional fluids. Click on the "science" menu to find this content.
    Advanced Aero/Hydrodynamics 
    Course materials from University of Vermont.
    An antibubble is a ball of liquid surrounded by a thin film of air. Pictures, documentation and links.
    Cinema Particle Image Velocimetry Investigation of Turbulence and Combustion 
    High-speed "movies" of time-evolving velocity fields in turbulent and combusting gas flows are obtained using a newly developed kiloherz frame-rate cinema Particle Image Velocimetry system.
    Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator 
    Computes the standard relations for compressible flow of a perfect gas. Isentropic flow relations, normal shock relations, and oblique shock relations can be calculated.
    A one-stop internet resource for fluid dynamics and flow engineering professionals
    European Research Community on Fluids, Turbulence and Combustion. Portal to Fluid Dynamics database resources. Free registration required.
    Fluid Dynamics of Bioreactors 
    This site summarizes the research currently conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology on the fluidic characterization of bioreactors.
    Fluid Mechanics 
    A video self-study course on fluid dynamics by an M.I.T. professor. The course is aimed at the introductory undergraduate and graduate levels with equal emphases on physical insights, theory, applications, experimental behavior.
    Fluid Mechanics Lecture Notes by M.Subramanian 
    Lecture notes on Fluid Mechanics by M.Subramanian, Department of Chemical Engineering, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India.
    Fluid Power Net International (FPN) 
    Provides information and links to fluid power (hydraulics & pneumatics).
    Fluid Salients in Air, Water, and Solids 
    Site discusses fluid salients as a cause for ocean wave formation, cloud formation and geologic structure formation. Several small physical models of salients are also discussed.
    Gallery of Fluid Motion 
    Special section from Physics of Fluids featuring award-winning photographs and videos from the Annual Picture Gallery of Fluid Motion exhibit.
    Investigation into Aerodynamic Flutter Test Systems 
    An investigation into aerodynamic vibration excitation systems for in-flight flutter testing of general aviation aircraft. Richard R. Western, Melbourne, 1999.
    M.S. Cramer's Fluid Mechanics 
    Gas dynamics, transonic flow, shock waves, dense gases, BZT fluids, automotive and bicycle aerodynamics, wave propagation, science history links, visualization by condensation.
    Navier Stokes Equations 
    A brief summary of the Navier-Stokes equations governing fluid dynamics and fluid mechanics.
    Topographical Measurements of Water Waves at a Matrix of Measuring Points 
    This work gives an overview of existing methods for measuring the shape of water waves. Further on a new measuring method is introduced. The web site gives a detailed description of the experimental set-up, calibration and evaluation. The site contai
    Turbulent Scalar Transport 
    Heat and mass transfer studies using direct numerical simulations of turbulent channel, Couette, and shear flows as well as experiments with tube banks.