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A New View of Statistics 
An on-line text book of statistics for researchers in biomedical and other empirical sciences.
Adaptive Designs 
Describes adaptive statistical designs and their benefits, and some programs for optimizing and analyzing such designs.
Advanced Statistics 
Advanced statistics and optimization including Response and Yield Surface Modeling.
Allstat Statistics Mailing List 
Allstat is a UK-based worldwide e-mail broadcast system for the statistical community, operated by CTI Statistics and maintained by Dr Stuart G Young.
Analysis of Multiple Informant Data 
Statistical methodology for the analysis of multiple informants/sources with applications to child psychopathology and gerontology.
Biostatistics Resources on the World Wide Web 
Links to departments, associations, data, software, teaching resources.
Briefbook of Data Analysis 
A condensed handbook in encyclopedic format, covering subjects in statistics, computing, analysis and related fields. In HTML: a printed version is available.
Calculation for the Sobel Test 
Interactive calculator performs tests of mediation in path analysis or structural equation models.
Chance Database Welcome Page 
This data base contains materials designed help teach a Chance course or a more standard introductory probability or statistics course.
Chebyshev's Inequality 
Chebyshev's inequality with one-tailed and unimodal versions, putting statistical limits on the dispersion of probability distributions.
Common Distribution Calculators 
Calculators, plotters, and random number generators for pdf and cdf of the common continuous and discrete probability distributions.
Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics 
A full-length and occasionally interactive statistics textbook on the web.
Current Index to Statistics 
Requires subscription. Free access to records of 'The American Statistician', and records up to 1994.
Effect Size Calculator 
On-line calculator for Cohen's d and r, presented by Lee A. Becker.
Entropy in Science 
Specializing in the uses of entropy in statistics and science.
Experimental Designs, DOE 
A collection of experimental designs that a statistical practicioner may find useful.
Free Statistics On The Web 
An index of free statistical software, data and resources.
Glossary of Statistical Terms 
Explains trade words used in the field. Includes resource links.
History of the Monte Carlo Method 
The Monte Carlo method provides approximate solutions to a variety of mathematical problems by performing statistical sampling experiments on a computer.
An introductory-level hypertext statistics book.
HyperStat Online 
Introductory hypertext statistics book. Each chapter contains links to related materials including educational demos and web-based statistical analysis programs.
Interactive Statistical Calculations Page 
Collection of over 300 links to web pages that perform statistical calculations.
Open source of articles about statistics. Indexed by date, author, title and keyword. PDF,PS.
IRT Tutorial 
Item Response Theory (IRT) tutorial from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Psychology Department.
Knowledge Discovery Central 
Directory containing resources related to knowledge and information discovery from data.
Latent Class Analysis 
Directory of software for this statistical technique for modeling unmeasured categorical variables.
Latent Class Analysis and Latent Class Models 
Resource for applied researchers and statisticians interested in the statistical method, Latent Class Analysis.
Linked Links on Statistics 
Large, well-organized, multi-level directory of Statistics links by Diego Kuonen. Numbers Game 
The media's use of statistics in a culture where public policy is often based on "scientific" findings is more than a topic for journalism-school debates. Links to in-depth articles from a variety of perspectives.
Handbook for the understanding and practice of Meta-Analysis.
Meta-Analysis of research findings 
Overview, links to relevant documents and resources, and free software.
Modern Regression and Classification 
2 day course for overview of computer-based regression and classification.
Non Symmetrical Data Analysis 
Discusses methods of how to use structured information for multi-dimensional data analysis. From the University of Naples.
Parrondo's Paradox 
A site about Parrando's paradox: alternating two losing games yield a winning game.
Power Analysis for ANOVA Designs 
On-line demonstration which runs an SAS program that calculates power or sample size needed to attain a given power for one effect in a factorial ANOVA design.
Power Calculator 
Returns distribution values based on on-line user input for many common statistical distributions.
Rainer's Home Page for Statisticians 
Information and links on WWW servers in Statistics, mailing lists and newsgroups, statistical associations and departments, statistical software, miscellaneous, statistical quotes, and a directory of professional statisticians worldwide.
Reading Statistics and Research 
This book helps people become better able to decipher and critique statistically-based research reports.
Research Randomizer 
A free web-based service that offers instant random sampling and random assignment for researchers. Also has a user-friendly tutorial for students.
Reversibility and Stochastic Networks 
By Frank Kelly, University of Cambridge. Full text of this book now available for download in PDF and DjVu formats.
Second Moment 
Second Moment is a dynamic site for showcasing cutting edge academic research and a resource for industry analysts and businesses interested in applying the latest statistical and analytical tools and technology.
Frequently asked questions about structural equation modeling.
Sequential Simplex Optimization 
Electronic reprint of the classical textbook on improving quality and productivity in research, development, and manufacturing.
Spatial Aggregation 
A framework for organizing computations around image-like, analogue representations of physical processes in data interpretation and control tasks.
Spatial Statistical Sites Source 
This site provides links to many pages with primary or secondary relevance to spatial statistics.
An online system for finding statistical tests that would best suited to a specific dataset.
Statistical Analysis 
Principles of mixed model analysis. Includes discussion of REML estimation of variances, BLUEs and BLUPs, fixed and random effects, and inference space; with small examples.
Statistical Data Analysis 
Covers time series analysis, popular distributions, and the computer implementations.
Statistical Inference on the TI-82/83 
Guides to statistical features of the TI-82/83 graphing calculators.
Statistical Linkage Programs 
Information about statistics for genetic analysis.
Statistical List Subscription Service 
An easy-to-use, form-based way of subscribing to and unsubscribing from a variety of statistical e-mail discussion lists.
Statistical Methods for Rater Agreement 
Resources for researchers who want to analyze data on agreement among raters or diagnostic methods. Includes raw agreement indices, kappa coefficient, weighted kappa, latent class and latent trait models, tetrachoric and polychoric correlations, etc
Statistical Review 
Free formulae of rules for the expectation of mean, variance, covariance, correlation coefficient, proofs available for purchase.
Statistical Science Web 
Hierarchical directory of resources of interest to statisticians with special attention to Australia.
Statistics Every Writer Should Know 
Basic statistical concepts described in plain English. Designed for journalists or other beginners.
Statistics on the Web 
Clay Helberg's annotated list of statistical method resources on the web.
Statistics Resources 
Sidney Tyrrell's Resources' page, part of the National Grid for Learning. 
Searchable database of statistical information and data sources on the internet.
The Chart of the Week 
Graphical display of social, economic, and political statistical data
The Interdisciplinary Inversion Group. 
The focus of the research is on statistical aspects of inverse problems. Courses, publications and other resources.
The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms 
Glossary of terms organized according to learning order for those unfamiliar with the subject, and also an alphabetical list for already familiar with statistical procedure.
The Statistics Homepage 
This Electronic Statistical Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics 
Well-organized, comprehensive list of web Statistics resources.
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics 
Interactive, web-based resources for students and teachers of probability and statistics.