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A Survey of Venn Diagrams 
Various facts and figures about Venn diagrams by Frank Ruskey.
Amazing Mathematical Object Factory 
Generators for several basic combinatorial objects by Frank Ruskey and Scott Lausch.
ArXiv Front: CO Combinatorics 
Combinatorics section of the Front for the Mathematics ArXiv.
British Combinatorial Committee 
Conference listings, bulletin and links maintained by Peter Cameron.
Committee for the Advancement of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics.
Catalogue of Lattices 
A catalogue of different types with applications to packing spheres by Neil Sloane and Gabriele Nebe.
CATS: Combinatorial Algorithms Test Sets 
Searchable index of problems, links and methodology maintained by the Association for Computing Machinery.
Combinatorial Catalogues 
Combinatorial objects such as graphs, designs and geometries collected by Gordon Royle.
Combinatorial Data 
Brendan McKay's collection of miscellaneous tables in graph6 or sparse6 format.
Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia 
Combinatorics throughout Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries.
Subfields in the AMS MSC 2000 classification 05.
East Side, West Side 
Lecture notes by Herbert S. Wilf on generating combinatorial objects and Maple.
Encyclopedia of Combinatorial Structures 
Searchable database of structures with specifications and counts.
Extremal Combinatorics 
With Applications in Computer Science by Stasys Jukna.
Theory of chord structures to create music through algorithms by Vladimir Ladma.
Math Pages - Combinatorics 
About 40 "informal notes" on combinatorics by Kevin Brown.
Research into the relations between algebra and combinatorics.
SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics 
Provides an opportunity to unify pure discrete mathematics and areas of applied research.
Tables of Groups, Graphs and Maps 
Catalogues of the mathematical objects produced using LOWX.
The Combinatorial Object Server 
Select a type together with specific parameter values and COS will return a list of all such combinatorial objects.
The Cutting Sticks Problem 
An unsolved combinatorial problem by Frans Faase.
The Hyperbook of Combinatorics 
A project to develop a hypertext on major topics in combinatorics.
The Math Forum Math Library - Combinatorics 
Comprehensive catalog of websites relating to Combinatorics.