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    Application to economics 
    Complex dynamics arises in New Keynesian models..
    Complex Adaptive Systems Research 
    Adaptive comples systems. Collection of links
    Complex Systems Research Center at New Hampshire, USA 
    Part of Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS), investigates the effects of human disturbance on the Earth's biogeochemical processes. Part of Geo-Web ring
    Complex Systems Research on Parallel Computers 
    Complex Systems research is a multidisciplinary field covering the gamut from Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology to Economics
    Complex Systems Survey 
    PSL survey - extensive list of links to resources and groups
    Complexity Made Simple 
    An introduction to the science of Complexity for managers of organizations.
    Complexity, Complex Systems and Chaos Theory 
    Organizations as dynamic, self-evolving complex systems.
    Debate on Complexity, 
    How can complexity theory reshape the way scholars examine evolution, economics, and many other fields?
    Dynamical Complexity and Regularity 
    Dynamic laws are classified and conjecture that the regular laws cannot produce organic structures is discussed.
    Application of Mathematical Methods to Societal Problems
    EU 'Complex Systems' research project
    New Kind of Science 
    Complexity, Celllular automata and Everything.
    Principia Cybernetica Web 
    Tackle age-old philosophical questions with the cybernetic theories.
    Self-organization and complex systems 
    Interview with Stuart Kauffman, MacArthur fellow, transcribed by ISCID.
    The Complexity and Artificial Life 
    Introduction to complex systems and self-organisation by CALResCo - International Research Group
    The DESIRE Research Programme 
    Study of compositional multi-agent systems for complex systems
    The New Artificial Life (Alife) Database 
    A searchable database of artificial life-related sites.
    Traffic Science Forum 
    Systems of interacting vehicles on a highway