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Includes dinosaur articles, resources, fun stuff and links.
All About Dinosaurs 
Learn about dinosaurs, dinosaur extremes, how dinosaurs are named, and dinosaur myths. Includes print out dinosaur information pages.
Augustana'a Antarctic Dinosaur 
Pictures and information on dinosaurs in Antarctica.
Beri's Dinosaur World 
Illustrated site devoted to vertebrate paleontology and dinosaurs.
Dave's Dinosaur 
Information about dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. Includes sections on Mesozoic climate and paleogeography, and on dinosaur paleoecology.
Debates about Dinosaurs 
Summaries of major debates in dinosaur paleontology, including dinosaur metabolism, the connection between dinosaurs and birds, and the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction.
Dino Land 
Interviews with paleontologists, news on recent fossil finds, virtual tours of famous fossil sites and museums, and a tribute to the greatest dinosaur discoveries of the century.
Includes dinosaur artwork, wallpaper and extensive links to related dinosaur sites.
Information about dinosaurs, upcoming publications, and a list of dinosaur genera.
Dinoman's Dinosaur Center 
Dinosaur information and fun site, with quizzes and games along with paleontological debates and articles.
Dinosaur information broken down by Mesozoic Period. Also contains a glossary of paleontological terms, detailed information for some dinosaurs and other Mesozoic animals, a dinosaur FAQ, exhibit information, and links.
Dinosaur Eggs 
Information on the dinosaur embryos from National Geographic magazine.
Dinosaur Illustrated Magazine 
Features original articles and illustrations from the field of vertebrate paleontology.
Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette 
Articles, recent fossil discoveries and other dinosaur news from the last 245 million years.
Dinosaur Neill's 
Fan site focusing on dinosaurs in entertainment, but also including news. Includes reviews of video games, books, and movies and television shows. Also includes links, humor, and a discussion forum.
Dinosaur Origin and Extinction. 
Origin of dinosaurs and birds, categories of dinosaurs, extinction of dinosaurs.
Dinosauria On-Line 
A tool for researching dinosaurs. Contains the Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology, a collection of essays and e-mail discussions whose topics range from what Archaeopteryx used its wings for, to evolution.
Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction 
Information from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Grant Harding's Dinosaur Destination 
Includes an animated gif library and information about Judith River paleontology.
Jurassic Park Institute 
Information about dinosaurs in pictures, timelines, interactive games, dictionary, museum guides, web site links and dinosaur park guides.
National Geographic Dinorama 
Links to dinosaur articles in National Geographic magazine.
Nick Reiman's Dinosaurs 
Dinosaur databases on the predatory dinosaurs and on the herbivores.
Web published article with ideas and art about dinosaurs.
The Age of Dinosaurs 
World Book Encyclopedia collection of facts about dinosaurs, how they lived, recent discoveries and scientific studies.
The Dinosauricon 
A website devoted to dinosaur information and illustration.
The Rex Files 
Hot topic feature of the New Scientist. Includes short summaries of major questions about the dinosaurs.
Willo, the Dinosaur with a Heart 
Information about a fossilized dinosaur heart.