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Biotechnology for the 21st Century: New Horizons 
1995 report by the Biotechnology Research Subcommittee of the (U.S.) National Science and Technology Council describes major areas of biotechnology application and identifies research priorities in the field.
Bioweb Biotechnology Information Switzerland 
News, articles, library catalog, glossary and links on various topics related to biotechnology and genetic engineering.
Combinatorial Chemistry 
Comprehensive information on combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening. Includes symposia, published papers, journals, books, jobs, supplier index and online products.
Council for Biotechnology Information 
Founded by biotechnology companies to create a public dialogue and share information about scientific research, independent expert opinion and peer-reviewed published reports.
An education and information initiative for consumers and the media on the subject of crop biotechnology.
FAO: Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture 
Features news articles, current projects, an electronic forum, meeting schedule and a glossary of terms.
Guide to Biotechnology 
Explains what the field is, historical development, applications, current approved drugs, and statistical data.
Mass Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resource 
Provides reference materials for scientists working with mass spectrometry in the biotechnology industry.
Principles of Biotechnology 
Explains the basic concepts with some background on genetics and genetic engineering to transfer desired traits. Includes a glossary of trade words and their meanings.
Steiner, Peter 
Completed PhD studies in the Institute of Biotechnology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in the Sauer Group on acetate resistance of acetic acid bacteria. Page includes curriculum vitae, information about current research and publi
The Genosphere Project 
A citizen's guide to resources for getting a handle on the biotechnology revolution.
USDA: Agricultural Biotechnology 
Lists the rules and procedures for obtaining and keeping a permit to work with genetically modified plants and animals. Defines pharmaceutical and commercial use.
Looking for medicinal solutions to help treat infertility disorders, cardio-vascular diseases and neurodegenerative ailments. Includes current research and news releases. Based in Innsbruck, Austria.