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    Evolution of Stars 
    Simple explanation of birth, life, and death of stars.
    Life and Birth of Stars 
    The physical structure of stars, energy generation, mathematical models, main-sequence stars and the birth of stars.
    Starclock: Stellar Evolution Software 
    Starclock is a program for DOS that animates the evolution of stars on the HR diagram.
    Stars Beyond Maturity 
    The evolution of stars beyond the main sequence explained in detail.
    Stellar Evolution 
    Stars and the Hertzprung-Russell diagram (where a star's absolute luminosity is plotted against its surface temperature).
    Stellar Evolution (a la Chez Stella) 
    The Universe in the Classroom: Basic school lesson introducing stellar evolution metaphorically through a restaurant setting.
    Stellar Evolution and Death 
    The NASA Observatorium's presentation on stellar evolution and extinction of stars.
    Stellar Evolution of Medium and Heavy Stars 
    Describes each stage of stellar evolution using diagrams and pictures.
    Stellar Evolution Simulation 
    A graphical representation of the evolution of stars during their lifetime using the Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram.
    The Evolution of Stars 
    Lectures on the main sequence, red giants, stellar clusters and variable stars. Semi-technical.
    The Life and Death of Stars 
    A detailed look at the evolution of stars from birth to death.