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    Catholic Schools of Rhode Island 
    General information about Catholic education and a directory of elementary and secondary schools operated by the Diocese of Providence.
    College Access of Rhode Island 
    Organization advocating for equal opportunity and access to higher education for all the state's children - targeting those in low-income communities. Site provides information about preparing for, choosing and attending college.
    MotoRing Technical Training Institute 
    A post secondary technical school offering 20-30 week courses in to train technicians.
    On-line Libraries in Rhode Island 
    Links to on-line library resources in Rhode Island
    Rhode Island Art Education Association 
    Art educators' resource for information, discussions of the fine arts in education and for resources in art education, affiliated with the National Art Education Association. Includes a gallery of student works.
    Rhode Island Children's Crusade for Higher Education 
    An early intervention program to encourage low-income students to stay in school and prepare for higher education.
    Rhode Island Consortium for Educators 
    Consortium of universities promoting collaboration between school districts, career centers, and students and working to connect quality teacher candidates to hiring professionals. Includes employment listings and other resources for teachers.
    Rhode Island Education Exchange 
    A wide range of communications capabilities as well as access to support resources for schools and communities throughout Rhode Island.
    Rhode Island Office of Higher Education 
    Serves to avoid costly duplication of services by carrying out and coordinating certain functions on a systemwide basis.
    Rhode Island READS 
    Statewide program sponsored by RI Public Education Fund to increase literacy among children, and promote and support literacy programs.
    Rhode Island Student Loan Authority 
    A non-profit State authority, provides affordable higher education loans for Rhode Island students and their families.
    Rhode Island Supports and Education for Adults and Children 
    Advice and support on special education matters in the state, by and for families of people with disabilities. Includes a chat area.
    Rhode Island Workforce Literacy Collaborative 
    Unified effort to provide information about adult literacy programs, events, and resources throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.
    Web66: International School Web Registry 
    Links to elementary and secondary schools, school districts and educational organizations in Rhode Island