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    Center for Essential School Reform 
    An educational organization whose goal is to improve student performance through improved teacher training and the fundamental re-design of schools.
    Association of two-year colleges and university regional colleges to aid in workplace education, training, and related services.
    Online resources for teachers, students, school librarians, library automation, media booking, and statewide union catalog of K-12 school libraries.
    Ohio Alliance for Arts Education 
    Establishes and maintains a network for communication, cooperation, and advocacy.
    Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education 
    A consortium of ten public colleges and universities within the 29-county Appalachian region, whose goal is to increase the level of educational attainment of residents in the region.
    Ohio Board of Regents 
    Oversees colleges and universities in Ohio. Source for enrollment data, program information such as Tech-Prep, Ohio School-to-Work, list of associate degree programs.
    Ohio Child Welfare Training Program 
    Provides training for staff in public child welfare agencies throughout Ohio.
    Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding. 
    Presented case to Ohio Supreme Court resulting in landmark decision to reform Ohio public school funding. Details about DeRolph vs the State of Ohio, chronology, latest pleadings, background.
    Ohio Cognetics Program 
    An extracurricular program for K-12 students designed to test their teamwork and creativity. Includes list of teams and schedule.
    Ohio Computer Education Network 
    Provides administrative and instructional information technology services to Ohio school districts.
    Ohio Council for Exceptional Children 
    Organization for special education in Ohio.
    Ohio Department of Education 
    Includes database by school of proficiency test results, expenditures, teachers, students, school report card, related links, department news.
    Ohio Destination Imagination 
    A creative problem solving, education, educational program for students and kids, offering challenges that stress teamwork, spontaneous problem solving and learning in a group setting.
    Ohio Educational Media Consortium 
    Purchases and distributes educational media to member schools. Site includes OEMC history, members, board, how to contact, list of links to vendors.
    Ohio Literacy Resource Center 
    Works with other organizations to address the literacy needs of adults. Source for adult literacy links, materials, publications.
    Ohio School Funding 
    Presents school funding overview, details on the DeRolph decision, and contact form.
    Ohio SchoolNet 
    Central source for documentation, training, technical and financial assistance for public school technology, grants, e-rate.
    Power of the Pen 
    Writing program for 7th and 8th grade students. Competition results. Winning entries available.
    School Employees Retirement System of Ohio 
    Event calendar, background, how to contact. Features include a benefit estimate calculator.
    School Study Council of Ohio 
    Professional development resources for teachers and administrators. Online graduate courses, announcements of upcoming seminars, inservice training.
    Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) 
    A not-for-profit consortium organized to promote service and interinstitutional cooperation and to foster collaboration.
    State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio 
    News, benefit information, fund performance.