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    Early Learning Online Together 
    Information about early care and education, for parents and non-parental care givers.
    Missouri Alliance for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education 
    Offers a web directory, standards information, special events, and other resources for curricular development.
    Missouri Association of Rural Education 
    Rural resource for rural education. Includes activities, objectives, and contact information.
    Missouri Research and Education Network 
    Coordinates computer and Internet projects that serve schools, libraries, communities, state government, and other not-for-profit entities.
    Missouri Saving for Tuition 
    Tax-deductible college savings program.
    Missouri School Counselor Association 
    Includes activities, calendar of events, employment, and directors information.
    New Traditions: Career And Technical Education 
    Promotional site about state-supported, one and two year technical programs in Northwest Missouri.
    Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis 
    Results of online census of Missouri educational institutions taken from March to August, 1999 and how that information will be used.
    Linking educational innovators across Missouri.
    The TeleCenter Network 
    Oversees community distance learning and technical education centers throughout the state. Incorporates two-way video, satellite technology, and computers.