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    Council on Postsecondary Education 
    Provides a list of state supported colleges and universities within the Commonwealth, including links.
    Kentucky Association for School Health: KASH 
    An organization for advocacy to ensure improvements in the quality of health and life for children.
    Kentucky Council on Economic Education 
    Non-profit economic education organization that provides training for (K-12) teachers and provides EconomicsAmerica curriculum for the classroom.
    Kentucky Department of Education 
    Site has information on schools and school districts and includes resources for parents, teachers, and administrators.
    Kentucky High School Listings - Planet Alumni 
    Provides information on Kentucky high school and university alumni, homecoming events, as well as high school class reunions and college reunions.
    Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority 
    Provides useful information about college financial aid for students, parents, financial aid administrators, and high school guidance counselors.
    Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services 
    Provides service designed to respond to educational ideas and needs expressed by the sixteen school districts in the five-county Northern Kentucky area.
    Partnership for Kentucky Schools 
    Voice of the business community in Kentucky education
    Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence 
    An independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization of Kentucky parents and citizens working to improve education in the Commonwealth at all levels.
    The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership 
    Trains parents to work with teachers and other parents to raise student achievement in their home communities.
    The Kentucky Academy of Technology Education 
    Provides news articles and resources for public educators.