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Churchill Northern Studies Centre Library 
The library is part of the Polar Web Libraries and Archives and it gives information on location, hours, modes of contact, activities, services and a description of the collection. - Canada Hall - Visions of the New North 
An exposition of the exhibit North of 60 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Lists site map, index and contact details.
IEEE Northern Canada Section 
Electrical and computer engineers working to foster the standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Northern Canada. Lists events, newsletter, student branch, membership and links.
Maps of the Northern World 
Links to dozens of maps of the circumpolar North, and descriptions of mapping concepts and procedures, from ExploreNorth.
Northern and Central Alberta Perinatal Outreach Program 
Provides outreach post birth education and data collection to improve infant care. Offers a mailing list, education, calendar, audit services, resources and program information.
Northern Contaminants Program - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada 
The program works to reduce or eliminate contaminants in traditionally harvested foods and assists in decisions about food use. Programs, services, regional offices and procurement strategy for aboriginal businesses.
The Atlas of Canada - Inuit Population, 1996 
The map shows the distribution of Inuit population in Canada. Offers a zoom in, zoom out, direction shift, statistics and a detailed map description.
The Atlas of Canada - Permafrost 
The map portrays the extent of the zones covered by permafrost and ground ice in Canada. Offers a zoom and shift function, statistics and map description.
The Atlas of Canada - The Territories 
A political map of the northern territories showing boundaries, the capitals, selected populated places, drainage and selected roads. Offers the map in Jpeg or PDF format for download.