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CARC: Northern Perspectives 
Lists the political accord of the territory.
CBC News: Nunavut 
History, statistics, and public reaction regarding the new territory.
Elections NWT 
Information on elections in North West Territories (Nunavut). News releases, election results, and voting details.
MSN Learning & Research Plus: Nunavut 
Includes information on area history, geography, climate, plants and animals.
Nunavut ("Our Land") Canada 
General overview of area people, politics, land use and resources.
Nunavut Bibliography 
Focuses on the negotiation and implementation of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement and the design and implementation of the Nunavut Government.
Nunavut Planning Commission 
Information on Nunavut land claims (before the creation of the territory).
Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. 
Group looking after Inuit land claims. Includes history and overview, news releases, staff, and election information. 
News, weather, and discussion.
Welcome to Nunavut 
Articles, travel information, lodging, tours, sports and recreation, nature information, and government details.
Welcome to Nunavut - Polarnet 
Information on formation of the Territory and land claims issues.