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    Accurate Index of South African Government Departments 
    Definitive Government Department Web site list from the Official South African Government online site.
    Statutory body, established by the Minister of Labour, to support and grow the level of current and future skills needed in the banking sector.
    Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 
    As adopted on 8 May 1996 and amended on 11 October 1996 by the Constitutional Assembly.
    Democratic Alliance 
    Describes the activities, contact details and policies of this political party in South Africa.
    Department of Agriculture 
    South African Government Department of Agriculture. Contains links to other Agricultural web sites.
    Department of Correctional Services 
    The Department of Correctional Services is a National State Department entrusted to take care of the country's prison population and those offenders who are dealt with within the system of Correctional supervision.
    Department of Defence 
    Links to the Ministry of Defence, Defence Secretariat and SA National Defence Force.
    Department of Education 
    South African Government Department of Education. Tirisano - working together
    Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism 
    Index page of the South African government Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.
    Department of Finance 
    The official Web site of the South African Government Department of Finance which includes information on the Budget.
    Department of Foreign Affairs 
    Details information on foreign policy, Missions and Foreign Affairs news of the South African Government.
    Department of Health 
    Official Department of Health Web site with links to Aids and HIV information from South Africa.
    Department of Housing 
    National Department of Housing, South Africa.
    Department of Justice and Constitutional Development 
    This is the home page of the official web site for the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development of South Africa
    Department of Labour 
    Official site with labour legislation, policy documents, and news.
    Department of Land Affairs 
    Department of Land Affairs for the South African government
    Department of Minerals and Energy 
    South African Government Dept of Mineral and Energy.
    Department of Provincial and Local Government 
    Local Government branch of the Department of Provincial and Local Government (formerly Consitutional Devt) contains information on Local Government in South Africa.
    Department of Public Enterprises 
    The official web site for the Ministry of Pulic Enterprises of South Africa
    Department of Public Service and Administration 
    Department covers issues dealing with the civil service and running of Government.
    Department of Public Works 
    Includes link to the Targeted Procurement Home Page
    Department of Trade and Industry 
    Trade, Investment and a vast range of other economic information from the DTI.
    Department of Transport 
    Official web site for the South African Department of Transport
    Department of Water Affairs and Forestry 
    Department of Water Affairs and Forestry - South Africa
    SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services.
    Government Communication and Information System 
    A comprehensive communication system on behalf of government to facilitate optimum involvement of the majority of South Africans in the entire process of reconstruction and development, nation-building and reconciliation.
    Government: What's New from the SA Government? 
    Latest updates from the Government of National Unity Web site.
    Insurance sector education and training authority, established in terms of the Skills Development Act.
    Investment South Africa (ISA) 
    INVESTMENT SOUTH AFRICA was set up by the South African Government to provide the key to unlocking investment opportunity in South Africa.
    National Advisory Council on Innovation 
    Documents on the role and contribution of science, mathematics, innovation and technology in promoting and achieving national objectives. NACI reports to the Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology.
    Parkview Police Mounted Unit 
    The official site of the Parkview Police (SAPS) Mounted Unit, Johannesburg. Photos, biographies and policework.
    Parliament of South Africa 
    Provides information on developments at the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa for the purpose of facilitating public participation in parliamentary legislative processes. Also contains information about the parliamentary process in South Afr
    Parliamentary Monitoring Group 
    Monitors the committees of the Parliament of South Africa: provides reports on what is discussed plus documents handed out at meetings
    Provincial Administration of the Western Cape 
    Official home page of the Provincial Administration of the Western Cape containing information pertaining to each department within the administration.
    Republic of South Africa 1994 and 1999 General Elections 
    Detailed results of South Africa's first and second one-person, one-vote 1994 and 1999 elections.
    Road Accident Fund 
    Public entity which compensates people injured in road accidents in South Africa.
    SA Government Online 
    One of the objectives of the South African Government is to operate as an integrated entity with a single corporate identity. The aim is to eliminate duplication and confusion. By developing a comprehensive government Home page, government has create
    SARS (South African Revenue Service) 
    Official Website of the South African Revenue Service
    Secretariat for Safety and Security 
    The need for a Civilian Secretariat for Safety and Security was identified by the Minister for Safety and Security in 1994. The key objectives : to provide government with civilian policy management capacity, independent of the vested and occupationa
    Small business information, South Africa: BRAIN for entrepreneurs 
    This site provides small and medium-sized enterprises with an invaluable gateway to information on starting a business, managing a business, growing a business, business opportunities, South African suppliers and support for small business in South A
    South African Civil Aviation Authority 
    Official web site for the South African Civil Aviation Authority
    South African Government Bodies and Institutions 
    A comprehensive index of South African Government bodies and institutions.
    South African Government Information 
    An extensive record of South African legislation and policy documents. Almost as comprehensive as and often quicker.
    South African Police Service 
    Web site of the South African Police Service
    South African Reserve Bank 
    The official Web site of the independent central bank of South Africa.
    South African Weather Service 
    Various forecasts, warnings, observations and climate information. Links to recent news, research, education and training.
    Statistics South Africa 
    Statistical releases from the South African Government
    The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) 
    Established by Parliament as a statutory body to stimulate sustainable growth, reform and improvement of the construction sector.
    The e-commerce debate in South Africa 
    Discussion Forum on Electronic Commerce and the Green Paper. Set up by the Department of Communications - Republic of South Africa
    Wholesale and Retail SETA- Established in terms of the Skills Development Act of South Africa.
    Welfare, Department of 
    South African Government Department of Welfare.