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    An Economic and Public Policy Agenda for Kenya 
    Publication compiled by the Institute of Economic Affairs. Full version online.
    Central Bureau of Statistics 
    Responsible for development of the country through visionary economic planning, prudent fiscal and monetary policies, effective coordination of Government financial operations and optimal allocation of resources.
    Controller and Auditor-General 
    Audits all government and local authorities accounts, examine, enquire into and audit the accounts of statutory boards, commissions and bodies.
    Government of Kenya 
    Find links to agencies and offices and a brief history of the nation.
    High Commission of India, Nairobi 
    Features information on relations between India and Kenya, how to obtain a visa and passport. Includes news, links and contact details.
    Kenya Revenue Authority 
    Responsible for collecting income, customs, and excise tax. Tax types and notices.
    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 
    Objectives include increasing food production, growth in agricultural employment, expansion of agricultural exports, resources conservation and poverty alleviation.
    Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 
    Function is to promote education in this country.
    Ministry of Energy 
    Responsible for energy policy and development, hydro-power, geothermal and thermal power development and petroleum products.
    Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources 
    Responsible for environmental policy, assessments and coordination development of forests, reafforestation and agroforestry, mineral exploitation, mining and geological surveys.
    Ministry of Finance and Planning 
    Goal is to spearhead development of the country through visionary economic planning, prudent fiscal and monetary policies, effective coordination of Government financial operations and optimal allocation of resources.
    Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Co-operation 
    Responsible for foreign policy, international organizations, commonwealth affairs, inter-governmental authority on drought and decertification, pan-African affairs, embassies, treaties, conventions and agreements.
    Ministry of Health 
    Is charged with the responsibility of providing quality health care for all wananchi so that they may lead economically and socially productive lives.
    Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development 
    Deals with National manpower policy and development, adult education, technical training, social security, factory inspection, workers health and safety, employment policy, industrial relations and youth polytechnics.
    Ministry of Lands and Settlement 
    Responsible for land policy and physical planning, land transactions, survey and mapping, adjudication, settlement matters, land registration, valuation and administration of state and trust land.
    Ministry of Local Government 
    Responsible for the local authorities policy, by-laws and training for urban, municipal and city authorities, loans authority, provident and supernannuation fund.
    Ministry of Roads and Public Works 
    Is responsible for the planning, designing, implementing and maintaining public roads and buildings.
    Ministry of Trade and Industry 
    Goal is to develop and regulate both foreign and domestic trade in order to increase foreign exchange earnings, employment and raise the standard of living of our people.
    Ministry of Transport and Communications 
    In charge of the Ports Authority, shipping line, meteorological training, civil aviation, registration and insurance of motor vehicles and communications commission.
    Office of the Attorney General 
    Deals with Constitutional matters. Is the principal legal advisor to the Government, deals with prosecutions, legal affairs and legal education.
    Office of the President 
    Deals with organization and coordination of Government business.
    Office of the Vice President 
    Implements policies on prisons, children's homes, probation and vocation services, approved schools, criminal rehabilitation, refugees and coordination of volunteer services.
    State House 
    Includes news archives, speeches, government, National Anthem, missions and commentary.
    Teachers Service Commission 
    Responsibility is to establish and keep a register of teachers, maintain a teachers service adequate to the needs of public schools in Kenya. Includes staff, services and contact information.
    The Electoral Commission 
    Deals with the determination and review of Number, Boundaries and Names of Constituences. It also deals with the registration of voters and maintenance and the revision of the Register of Voters.
    The Judiciary 
    Is charged with the responsibility of dispensing justice to safeguard the just government of men.
    The National Assembly 
    The supreme authority in formulating Laws and representing the interests of Kenyans.
    The Public Service Commission 
    Is charged with the recruitment for the Civil Service and the Local Authorities.