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A Dictionary of PostmodernTerms 
A growing dictionary of terms useful in reading postmodern works.
Dictionary of Universal Spiritual Terms 
Glossary of terms of universal spirituality including Buddhism, meditation, Shamanism, Islam, and Christianity.
Figures of Speech Tables 
Provides definitions of various figures of speech in English along with examples from literature of the period.
Glossary of Poetic Terms 
Guide to the study of poetry including phonetic pronunciation with numerous examples, hyper-linked keywords and cross references.
Glossary of Poetic Terms 
Comprehensive glossary of poetic terms organized by poet, title, first line, timeline, keyword or simple alphabetical index maintained by members of the Department of English at the University of Toronto.
Lexicon of Humanities 
Site features basic glossaries, quotations, and bibliographies per discipline.
Literary Terms 
Glossary of common literary terms with references to published works where examples of these terms may be found.
Prototype Worlds 
Glossary of jargon and terminology originally coined in science fiction to describe technologies that did not exist at the time of writing or ideas for which no obviously suitable mainstream term was handy.
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric 
Reference to over 1000 rhetorical terms and a primer for classical and renaissance rhetoric. Each term is accompanied by pronunciation, etymology, definition, examples from literature, cross references, and sources.
The Ism Book 
A Field Guide to the Nomenclature of Philosophy.
World Civilizations 
Glossary of key concepts in various world civilizations and major eras from Washington State University.