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    G&K Enterprises 
    Wild bird product suppliers including feeder balls, seeds and Dr. Finches range. Natural dog food suppliers for natural dog treats and chews including steralized marrowbones, Happy-Tails range, paddywack, dried tripe, pig ears, hooves, and dried live
    Home Diets for Dogs and Cats 
    Information from a veterinarian on feeding dogs and cats a homemade diet.
    http://www.crvetcenter/home food
    Home Made Dog and Cat Food 
    Articles and free e-book on natural homemade pet food.
    Homemade Chow Can Be the Cats Meow 
    Critter Corner article on benefits of feeding a homemeade diet to cats.
    How You Can Make Your Own Pet Food 
    Recipes for meals and treats for cats, dogs and birds.
    Natural Recipes 
    Dog and cat recipes from Natural Paws News.
    Pet Food Recipes 
    Dog treat, dog food, cat treat and cat food recipes by
    Pet Food Recipes 
    Database of recipes for many different pets including dogs, cats, and ferrets.
    Information on dog and cat nutrition and how best to feed your pet a homemade diet, from veterinary nutritionists.
    Recipe Goldmine 
    Recipes for your favorite pet, also health, cleaning, and repellents concoctions.
    Recipe USA 
    A collection of over 50 recipes for cats, dogs, and birds.
    Robbie's Pet Treat Recipes 
    Make tasty, nutritious treats for your cat and dog at home and save money! Dozens of recipes for biscuits and other snacks.
    Yummy for Dogs: Vegan Recipes 
    Dozens of biscuit and entree recipes for dogs and other pets.