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California Underground Online Exhibits 
An overview of the formation of caves, cave conservation, photography and wildlife together with local educational resources. Diagrams, pictures and slide shows.
Cave and Karst Terminology 
An extensive glossary of speleological terms from the Australian Speleological Federation.
Caves and Caving in the UK 
Information on the main caving regions, advice for the beginner and experienced caver together with links to organisations.
Advice, information and links for UK-based cavers and mine explorers. Gear, clubs, weather, news, weil's disease.
Essential information for the UK caver. Weather forecast, clubs, advice, accommodation, diary of events, find a caver.
Ozcavers Mailing List 
Aiming to get cavers communicating with each other on a regular basis about all matters caving.
The Cave Page 
Articles and expedition reports from around the world, vertical caving techniques and information on caving in Australia and New Zealand.
The Caving Pages 
An introduction to caving, cave types and conservation together with links to many caves and organisations around the world.
The Virtual Cave 
A wide-ranging introduction to the geology of caves. Organised by geological feature with pictures and clickable virtual maps.
The Weil's Disease Information Center 
Advice for the caving and medical community on Leptospira Bacterium including symptoms and treatment.