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    Afghan Hounds in Ukraine 
    Coursing for rabbit with aboriginal Afghan hounds. Competition diary and photo gallery. [Russian, English]
    Afghan Hounds: Interview with Mr. Kamal 
    A native of Afghanistan discusses their hounds and how they hunt (course) in Afghanistan. Photo.
    Borzoi Club of America 
    An overview of the sport and answers to some questions about open field coursing with borzois.
    Deer Forests, Sporting Estates, and the Aristocracy (UK) 
    How hunting was shaped by history. From the University of Stirling and Heriot Watt University.
    National Coursing Club 
    Brief guide, history, dogs, hares, 10 lies, news, fixtures list, results and links.
    NOFCA: National Open Field Coursing Association 
    Organizes competitions among purebred sighthounds in the natural environment of the game being coursed.
    Roosevelt, Theodore - Ranch Life and the Hunting-Trail (1896) 
    Includes his experiences hunting and coursing in the West. From Chapter XI, The Ranchman's Rifle on Crag and Prairie.
    Tallahamra Salukis 
    Numerous photos of salukis coursing jackrabbits.
    TCC: The Coursing Conservancy 
    Provides a venue where sighthounds may be tested fairly against the standard of their breed, the game, and each other.
    The Old English & Colonial Lurcher Club 
    Promoting lurcher ownership and lurcher-oriented hunting, including hare coursing. The Club, members, Code of Conduct, single-handed competition, breeds and links. Lancashire and Yorkshire, UK.
    Valeska Borzoi Article 
    Introduction to official NACA and NOFCA hunting, followed by a description of a hypothetical hunt.