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    A New Application of Darwin's Theory 
    A Darwinian analysis of the 81st Indy 500 auto race. Darwin's theory can explain anything. See how it is used to analyze Arie Luyendyk's stunning victory in the 1997 Indy race.
    April Fool's Day Developmental Biology Humor 
    Includes the mRNA, genome, and histone song, a two-act parody of My Fair Lady, and the denial of Thomas Jefferson's grant request.
    Biology Karaoke 
    Biology-related tunes set to pop music.
    Brain Songs 
    Brain and neuroscience songs set to familiar tunes.
    Cell Bio Personals 
    From the Psi Beta chapter of Beta Beta Beta at James Madison University, a collection of personal ads.
    Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature 
    Etymologies, puns and funny sounds, wordplay, and more in taxonomy.
    Dolly's Cloning Emporium 
    A humorous look at the endeavor of cloning.
    DreamTech International 
    "Visit DreamTech to see how we make dreams come true." A satirical site about human cloning which imitates the style and approach of a real business.
    Fenton the Death Sheep From Hell 
    Membership (minionship), celebrities, news, sports, sheepcentric website links, sheepocracy project, and a "sheepish" language version of the page.
    Final Proof That Planes Indeed Evolved From Cars 
    A parody about evolution and the facts it claims, this short story may open your eyes a bit wider to evolution. This story claims that planes evolved from cars.
    Garlic Surprise 
    Effect of ale, garlic, and soured cream on the appetite of leeches.
    Official Doohicky Website 
    A site set up to inform more people about doohickys.
    Penn Academy for Necroambulate Studies 
    Academy for the scientific study of zombies (necroambulates). Includes papers, faculty, thesis, and questions answered.
    Profession Jokes - Biologists 
    Jokes about biologists and biology (part of the Profession Jokes site).
    Science and Medicine Humor 
    A long list of links to biology songs and jokes, with some other science humor as well.
    Stinky Stuff 
    Watch various things like fruit and food deteriorate and decompose.
    The Ape Theory 
    Some people may say The Planet of the Apes is just a movie, but this site ponders the fact, is it real? Scientific backup of the theory and the reasoning behind it.
    The Bird God 
    Hear an audio file of a parrot having a conversation about believing in God and the afterlife.
    The Official Ig Nobel Prizes 1999 
    Live telecast of the 1999 Ig Nobel prizes. Requires Realplayer.
    The Retarded Sheep's Great Sheep Conspiracy 
    A story about the relationship between Patrick Henry's historic speech and the fate of the sheep.
    The Stupid Gene 
    A theory as to why Earth is populated by so many idiots.
    Wildlife Biology Jokes 
    Wildlife, biology, science, and environmental jokes and humor.
    WWWF Grudge Match: Jacques Cousteau vs. Marlin Perkins 
    The two wildlife adventurists race against each other to be the first to discover Life on Mars.