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    20-20 Kitchen Design 
    Plan a kitchen online. Dealer locator.
    CHBA : Kitchens that Work 
    Series of questions to ask when considering hiring contractors for a kitchen renovation project.
    CMHC: Renovating Your Kitchen 
    Detailed checklist, questions, and issues to assess when renovating a kitchen. Includes a printable kitchen assessment worksheet for prioritizing and budgeting.
    Creating Kitchens: Function and Style 
    Article containing ideas and tips for improving kitchen efficiency and functionality. Discusses hot, cold, wet, and dry zones; appliances; style; and storage.
    Designing Your Kitchen: How to Measure 
    Step-by-step tutorial for measuring kitchen dimensions before installing new cabinets. From Burton Cabinets.
    DIY Network: Kitchen Projects 
    Step-by-step projects and articles on kitchen remodeling, backsplashes, cabinets, countertops, hardware, appliance maintenance, shelves, and increasing storage space.,2041,DIYR_760,FF.html
    HGTV: Kitchen Products/Designs 
    Several short articles and program synopses highlighting a variety of kitchen design and decorating ideas. Includes articles on colors, fixtures, backsplashes, and kitchen islands.,1105,DEID_3246_project_1,FF.html
    Hometime: Kitchen Remodeling 
    Collection of articles, tips, and diagrams for remodeling kitchens. Topics include the kitchen triangle and work stations; demolition, re-framing, and plumbing and electrical concerns; cabinet, countertop and backsplash installation; flooring; and fi
    Kitchen Design 
    Article discussing factors to consider when planning and designing a kitchen renovation project.
    Kitchen Refacing 
    Illustrated tutorial on cabinet refacing and measurement techniques.
    Advice includes basics, site preparation, general fitting, specific components, and final finish. 
    Information on kitchen design, remodeling, decorating, budgeting, working with designers, and the selection of appliances, cabinets, and countertops.
    OHC Magazine: Planning and Executing a Kitchen Renovation 
    Detailed personal account of a kitchen restoration from a 1970's western ranch style to a turn-of-the-century American Foursquare style. Includes planning, explanations, and annotated photographs.
    Our Kitchen Renovation 
    Personal account of a kitchen renovation project, including a description of the previous state of the kitchen and what was done to improve it.
    Paradise Mill Works 
    Do-it-yourself kitchen cabinets for apartments or homes.
    Planet Janet's Kitchen Renovation 
    Homeowner's account of her kitchen renovation project, including problems encountered. Includes many photographs taken before, during, and after the renovation.
    Renovating Your Kitchen 
    Article discussing kitchen renovation costs and ideas, including suggestions for feature dimensions to improve efficiency. 
    Kitchen remodeling ideas and planning advice with links to manufacturers for cabinets, countertops, appliances, sinks and faucets.
    The Sociable Kitchen 
    Article with tips on how to design a kitchen to improve its social atmosphere and usability.'96/Livingkitchen.html
    This Old House: Kitchens 
    Collection of articles with tips, suggestions, diagrams, and steps. Topics covered include hanging cabinets, design, maximizing efficiency, working with contractors, budgeting, hardware, and lighting.
    Wood Online: Kitchen Remodel 
    Detailed overview of kitchen remodeling project, including pictures, diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and tips. Covers window replacement, cabinet installation, setting tiles, installing flooring, and stippling and stenciling techniques on the wa