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Internet directory encompassing emergency services, health care professionals, hospitals and medical centers, medical reference, and pharmacy resources. 
Directory of medical services and products, including doctors, home care, pharmacies, hospitals, medical products and health information.
A directory of links for residents and practicing physicians.
Alpha Medical Index 
Index of medication and drug links and clinical specialty web sites.
Best Medical Internet Sites 
Directory of sites that may be of interest to health professionals and medicine students. [Several listings Ukrainian language only]
Includes links to medical news, research sites, universities and organizations and sites involved in genetics, aging and medical technology. Links to research databases and government health and biological resources.
Centre for Medical Web Research 
A virtual center for Internet based medical research.
Directory Medical USA 
Listing of practices and professionals grouped by their associated fields.
Doctor Net 
An interactive medical network for physicians and the public.
An alphabetized directory to a wide assortment of pharmaceutical, medical, and health-related web sites. 
Comprehensive summaries and links to over 1,600 web sites in each specialty, categorized by diagnosis, therapy, disease, and related topics.
Find Care Network 
Offers a variety of online resource for health related topics, including finding a physician and dentist.
Galaxy: Medicine 
Large categorized directory of medicine-related web sites.
Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources 
Extensive list of large health-related link indexes.
Health Care Information Resources 
A listing for health related information from the Health Sciences Library, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.
Health Pages Online 
A national directory and referral service of providers, and healthcare facilities.
Health Search 
Directory for Drugs A-Z, weight loss, fitness, skin care, and health insurance. 
Offers several channels, from neurology to oncology, that lead our browsers through physician-monitored descriptions of conditions, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, management, and resources.
Hellas Medical 
A directory of medical information, news, and resources.
A links portal for medical and biomedical professions covering all disciplines of hospital and pathology. Site also contains links to free stuff and links to books and textbooks. [Books and textbooks link to] 
Directory of health education, nutrition, support groups, fitness, and services.
Lobbylud Knowledge Consultancy and Investigative Services 
Knowledge base for websites for health professionals, including search and training resources. 
Ability to search for doctors and ask health related questions online.
Martindale's Health Science Guide 
Links to health-related courses, textbooks and specialized resources for health professionals and consumers.
MD Browse 
Medical portal to find the latest in the field of medicine. Organized by medical specialty.
Portal for physicians and health professionals including medical research, news, education, statistics, office, business and travel sites. 
Medical web directory and education resources for medical students and professionals. USMLE study guides, medical PDA software and web communities.
Directory of healthcare sites, including business and professional.
An on-line directory of organisations able to offer help and advice about a particular medical condition or physical disability. Provides a listing of organisations world wide for nearly every disease. 
Directory of medical and pharmaceutical resources.
MedicalPoint Australia 
Australia's portal to medical and health related services.
Medicine Online 
Extensive medical reference for doctors and patients. Searchable database with information on diseases, products and physicians.
A searchable index of physician websites and a directory of physician related sites.
Searchable database from India. Includes doctors, hospitals, chemists, pharmaceuticals, medical institutions. News, breakthroughs, and patient information. 
Medical directory and search engine portal for physicians researching medical and health information. 
Directory of health, medicine and human life sciences.
A service of the National Library of Medicine, which includes health topics, drug information, dictionaries, directories, and libraries.
An international medical resource featuring specialty search engines free and online.
Nurses Directory 
Find a nurse anywhere by their resume/bio-data contact information and qualifications.
PubMed Medline 
Links to medical journals, articles, medical libraries, and medical databases. 
A directory for spinal disorders: for research and information.
The Med Engine 
An overview of hundreds of on-line medical sources.
The Med/Archive 
Provides categorized links about numerous medical specialities, daily updated medical news and a medical online chat. 
Nationwide directory of information centers and institutes that focus on specific mental health, disease, and disability topics.
US Friends 
A virtual community with links to research, education, and the advancement of patient care using medical imaging.
US Health Services 
A comprehensive internet yellow pages directory that helps people find doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and specialists all over the US.
Medical portal to find books, journals, clinics, media, and medical students. 
List of over 400 health and medical sites.
World Medical Center 
Medical information and links to hospitals, education, humanitarian aid and philanthropy.