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Abington Urological Specialists 
A discussion about this disorder and its alternate name, common symptoms, diagnosis, treatment. Evaluation of recurrent urinary tract infections and prevention.
Concise fact sheet explaining the causes, symptoms and treatment of urinary tract infection. Available for down loading in Adobe acrobat format.
CBS HealthWatch by Medscape 
Explains what a urinary tract infection is, asymptomatic bacteriuria, cystitis, causes, symptoms, risk factors and complications.
Dr Reddy's Pediatric Office on the Web 
Details such as what is the urinary tract, how does a urinary tract infection start, where is the infection, symptoms, complications, evaluation and treatment.
Information from Your Family Doctor 
Risks of getting urinary tract infections, the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Iowa Women's Health Center 
Ways to prevent a urinary tract infection, helpful hints if you have one and when to call your doctor or clinic
Mayo Clinic: Urinary Tract Infections 
Diagnosis, treatment and preventive tips. Treating recurring urinary tract infections. 
Medical information about urological disorders such as urinary tract infections, overactive bladder and urinary incontinence.
Methodist Health Care System 
A look at urinary tract infections and its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention of future UTI is discussed.
An informational monograph on Urinary Tract Infections for patient education and counseling.
Urology Channel 
A discussion about urinary tract infections and the urinary system, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and when to call your health care provider.
Women First - UTI 
Contains introduction to urinary tract infection, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.
Women's Health 
Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of urinary tract infections.